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What You Should Know About Traveling in Israel

Israel sits on a small sliver of land that has been nourishing humanity for millennia, and thus, the country beckons travelers with its promise of unpreceded cultural sights, smells, sounds, and tastes. However, the political situation around Israel, in Gaza and the West Bank, is often tenuous, which scares even the most daredevil travelers away […]

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A Safe Trip Abroad: Foreign Travel Checklist

An international trip can be the adventure of a lifetime, but only when you’re fully prepared for unpredictable situations. All too often, trips can be ruined by missed emergency alerts, language barriers, and getting lost in a foreign place. From lost passports and stolen wallets to medical emergencies and roaming charges, here are some crucial, […]

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Caribbean Spotlight: Beautiful St. Barts

The Caribbean has a multitude of islands that all compete for attention with the vacationing public, but it is not an easy task, as flawless beaches and baby blue water can be found almost everywhere throughout the region. St. Bart’s stands out in this category, and with several other advantages, it makes for a destination […]

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What to expect on a holiday to Benidorm Spain

Giving Benidorm, Spain a try for this year’s upcoming summer holidays? If you are worried about boredom creeping in after day three on your sun lounger, you’ll be pleased to know that this well-established Spanish resort area has a variety of entertainment options available. The options listed below are only a start to the possibilities […]

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