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Savouring Majorca’s Unique Flavours!

Majorca relies on its agriculture and tourism to support its economy. And the locals devote much of their time to both trades, even combining the two for inquisitive visitors that want to explore the islands unique flavours. The cuisine on the island is predominantly influenced by the mainland, although Majorcans are proud of their culinary […]

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Your Guide to Patagonia in Argentina

Imagine a landscape that stretches on for infinity, covered in arid steppe. This is what Patagonia in Argentina looks like. Known for its adventures, myths and legends, it is becoming an increasingly popular place for people to visit. After all, when people like Therou, Hudson and Chatwin start talking about it, as well as Charles Darwin […]

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How to Prepare for a Long Haul Flight

International or long-haul flights are not just more tiresome than domestic flights, they also require more preparation. For travellers who have never spent more than 2 hours in the air, long-haul flights seem pretty intimidating. Timely and well-planned preparation is they only key to getting the most comfortable flying experience and reaching the destination in […]

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Five things that British people love

Every nation has its idiosyncrasies. Here are five things Brits love that set us apart from the global crowd. Tea You can keep your lapsang souchong and your frou frou fruit infusions. What Brits want is a proper brew. We want it strong, we want it milky and we want it in a mug. Tea […]

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7 Reasons Bali Is the Ideal Travelling Destination

What’s so special about Bali? If friendly locals and great food doesn’t impress you, what about great value for money, astonishingly picturesque nature, and a rich cultural heritage? No? Oh, come on. How could you not want to visit these landmarks and destinations? Source: Online Pumps Supplies Sekumpul Waterfalls Hidden in Bali’s awe-inspiring, verdant jungles, […]

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