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5 stunning attractions in St. Petersburg

Photo: Creative Commons St. Petersburg, the city built at the mouth of the River Neva on a swampland, eventually grew to become one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Those who have visited this city will tell you that its imperial victory and distinct feeling is evident throughout the whole city center. I had […]

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The Top Reasons To Visit Poland

Poland has emerged as a vastly popular tourist destination in recent years as it many eastern European nations have joined the EU within the last 10 or 20 years. This means certain standards for many facets of life must be adhered to. Poland would be considered central Europe and this is a good designation. Kind of western […]

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Eating out and shopping in Limassol

Cyprus is renowned for being the perfect destination for beach bums and culture vultures alike – its mix of warm seas, sandy beaches and ancient culture make it one of the Mediterranean’s more diverse islands. And if all that sun-worshipping and culture gets a bit too much, you can head out to any of the […]

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What To Eat In Rome: Best Food Tours

You can start to undo your belt because right next I’ll be serving you some of the best food tours in Rome that you can’t miss on your visit to the Eternal City. Rome is a city to devour bit by bit, although the key to finding the pizzeria where they make the best artisan […]

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How to Spend 72 Hours in Copenhagen

If you have 72 hours to spend in Copenhagen, you’ll easily fill your time in the coolest capital in Scandinavia. The city’s known for its style and design but also offers the visitor history amidst prettily-coloured houses set in cobbled streets. Most sights are within walking – or cycling – distance and you can save […]

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Savouring Majorca’s Unique Flavours!

Majorca relies on its agriculture and tourism to support its economy. And the locals devote much of their time to both trades, even combining the two for inquisitive visitors that want to explore the islands unique flavours. The cuisine on the island is predominantly influenced by the mainland, although Majorcans are proud of their culinary […]

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Five things that British people love

Every nation has its idiosyncrasies. Here are five things Brits love that set us apart from the global crowd. Tea You can keep your lapsang souchong and your frou frou fruit infusions. What Brits want is a proper brew. We want it strong, we want it milky and we want it in a mug. Tea […]

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What to expect on a holiday to Benidorm Spain

Giving Benidorm, Spain a try for this year’s upcoming summer holidays? If you are worried about boredom creeping in after day three on your sun lounger, you’ll be pleased to know that this well-established Spanish resort area has a variety of entertainment options available. The options listed below are only a start to the possibilities […]

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The Best Places In The World for Spa Breaks

Today’s world is not a relaxing place, as pressure placed on workers in the new economy has pushed many to their physical and emotional limits. As such, relaxing holidays that are tailored to their needs are in demand like never before. While it is possible to go around the corner to a tanning salon or […]

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A Romantic Guide to Venice Italy

With its iconic canals and cobblestone alleyways, it’s not hard to see why Venice is a permanent fixture on lists of the world’s most romantic cities. Couples who visit the Italian city always have high expectations, but simply being in Venice won’t help you fall for your partner all over again. Whether you’re still in […]

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