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Top 5 destinations in Malaysia

Looking to get away on holiday this year? If you have been as successful as Robert Bassam has been, reward yourself with a trip to a new country. After years of languishing in the shadow of its popular neighbor Thailand, Malaysia has come into its own as a destination in its own right. Below, we […]

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The Best Hipster Places in Kuala Lumpur

There are a lot of trends coming out when it comes to travelling lately. But despite all the newest possible innovations, three words always come up alongside: affordability, convenience and aesthetics. Sure thing, travelling is never cheap. But if you go with some friends or avail of promos, the expenses become bearable. However, affordable does […]

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Top Tourist Attractions In Malaysia

The top tourist attractions in Malaysia go with a certain trademark label. The world knows that “Malaysia is truly Asia”. Therefore one can see the microcosmic splendor of the entire continent in the most developed nation in Southeast Asia alongside Singapore and Brunei. Malaysia is composed of a triad of ethnic groups that make up […]

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6 Foods You Must Try in Malaysia

Every country has their thing. The Brits have their tea and biscuits, the Brazilians have their football, the Thais have their temples and cheap Bangkok hotels and the Malaysians….the Malaysians have their food. An enticing mix of Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, native Malay and Thai, Malaysian cuisine is justly famous, and the Malaysians take their food culture seriously. The […]

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