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4 Incredible Destinations for Thrill Seekers

It is pretty easy to spot a thrill seeker. They are the ones in the boardroom day dreaming of being anywhere else but there. They spend their weekends experiencing new adventures and they begin planning their vacations months in advance so they can figure out the most thrilling things to experience. Being active on vacation […]

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Highlighting New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc

If you are a wine newbie, you might not know that New Zealand is known as the Sauvignon Blanc capital of the world – even though it only produces around 1% of the world’s wine. New Zealand hasn’t always been a world leader in the production of Sauvignon Blanc. This has only been a recent […]

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Where are the best areas for luxury travel in New Zealand

Being one of the best nations in the world when it comes to a boasting a variety of different natural scenery, it’s no surprise that New Zealand luxury travel is booming these days. From subtropical beaches in the north, to soaring snow-capped peaks in the south, there is much to choose from. What are the […]

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