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7 Reasons to Visit Tel Aviv

Pilgrims have been visiting the Holy Land for centuries as Jerusalem is holy to the three major monotheistic religions. Modern day tourists may prefer an extended stopover in Tel Aviv, Israel’s city that never sleeps. This bustling metropolis is at Israel’s cultural heart and its secular nature is a striking contrast to the more conservative […]

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The Coolest Things to Do in Dubai

No matter if you’re a resident or just visiting, the Oasis city of Dubai offers some of the coolest attractions that are on a par with any city in the world. Dubai is not only home to spectacular attractions but has also transformed its skyline with startling architectural projects. If you ever want to soar […]

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What You Should Know About Traveling in Israel

Israel sits on a small sliver of land that has been nourishing humanity for millennia, and thus, the country beckons travelers with its promise of unpreceded cultural sights, smells, sounds, and tastes. However, the political situation around Israel, in Gaza and the West Bank, is often tenuous, which scares even the most daredevil travelers away […]

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Top Middle Eastern Dishes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

If you are going to travel to Dubai, or any other country for that particular matter, it is highly recommended that you try their local cuisine. Aside from saving huge amounts of money on travel expenses, going local also means learning more about their culture and making your tummy extremely happy. As one of the […]

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Amazing Buildings Slated for Dubai

The rumors of Dubai’s demise after the 2008 global financial crisis have been greatly exaggerated, as many developers have shrugged off the few tough years that followed in its wake to continue the torrid pace of construction that existed in the 2000’s. As we enter 2015, a number of exciting structures are nearing completion, prompting […]

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Holidays in Egypt- a Red Sea Wonder

Egypt is the ultimate holiday destination. This Red Sea destination offers tourists from all over the world a wonderful perspective of the Arabian culture combined with top class quality holiday facilities. Holidays in Egypt have a dazzling way of making you fall in love with this place from the start: a fantastic mix of cultures, […]

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Ski Dubai Slope by Filipe Fortes (creative commons)

Do More in Dubai With Your Family At Discounts

Dubai is similar to Singapore in that it is a small nation. The advantage of visiting a small country is that you save time on travel from one location to another and can do so much more. Dubai offers so much to keep you busy and happy throughout your stay. You must get there first. […]

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