Remote Work and Travelling – How you can start your adventure

Becoming a digital nomad is coming to be very popular, the movement is on the rise as 17 million people aspire to be a digital nomad in the future. Research shows that 74% of workers said that they would quit their current job to become a digital nomad and work for a company remotely.

This infographic displays more facts about being a digital nomad worker and also shows you the type of courses available from Digital Nomad World. Head over to Digital Nomad Words and find the right course from you, courses include being a search engine optimisation specialist, content writing/editor, programming and more.

With our remote jobs, you could be wanting to travel to Ko Pha Ngan, this destination is perfect for digital nomads. There is a lot to explore and tailors with everyone’s interest. Like this guide to Ko Pha Ngan, we’ve got all the information you need to be a happy digital nomad.

The infographic also gives you more statistics about being a digital nomad worker, did you know that 70% of digital workers work no more than 40 hours per week, within that percentage 49% earn the same salary or more than their previous job.

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