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Things you have to see in San Antonio

Photo by Ashley Bull via When you plan a trip to San Antonio, Texas, there are a few sights that are definitely worth the trip. Some of them are more well-known, such as the Alamo, but there are also hidden gems that will be memorable for the whole family. Riverwalk Start your trip with […]

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Explore Yosemite from Fresno, California

Yosemite National Park spans over 761,000 acres, and contains some of the most beautiful, unspoiled wildlife in the United States. Just outside of the park is the city of Fresno, which has the closest major airport to the park, making it the perfect base for explorers who aren’t interested in camping or staying inside the […]

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Beyond Movie Magic – Hollywood’s Best Attractions

The mere mention of Hollywood, CA stirs notions of celebrity and fame.  And though the city is ground zero for movie making, tourists also find worthy distractions outside the film industry.  Whether star-spotting, shopping for fashion, or simply enjoying Hollywood hotels and restaurants, you’re sure to fill your next visit with relaxing entertainment. Hollywood’s best attractions include […]

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7 Hotels in Maui with Amazing Views

When you think of perfect beaches, Hawaii immediately comes to mind. If you’re preparing for a trip to Maui, Hawaii, you may think all you need to be concerned about is the pearly white sand and the crystal clear waves. But you also need to think about where you will be staying and in that […]

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Top Tourist Attractions In Malaysia

The top tourist attractions in Malaysia go with a certain trademark label. The world knows that “Malaysia is truly Asia”. Therefore one can see the microcosmic splendor of the entire continent in the most developed nation in Southeast Asia alongside Singapore and Brunei. Malaysia is composed of a triad of ethnic groups that make up […]

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48 Hours in Singapore

Are you, a friend or your family traveling the world together by just living out of your backpacks? Have you quickly realized that you’re willing to spend a bit more money on the finer things during your trip? Well fret not, our 48 hours in Singapore guide will allow you to have the full Singaporean […]

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What to see in NYC

Anyone who has visited or lived in New York will have their own favourite little part of the city that they insist you check out. This list makes no claim on being definitive but it includes ideas for everyone who is taking a trip there. The landmarks These probably need a separate article, if not […]

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Zimbabwe: A Hidden Gem

Source: Zimbabwe might not have had a good time of it lately, but after a decade of political instability, violence and economic turmoil, the country is finally starting to put its turbulent past behind it and re-emerge as a tourist hot-spot. Home to some of the greatest safaris in Africa, UNESCO World Heritage sites […]

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Life really is a beach on the Costa del Sol in Spain

Down in southern Spain lies the Costa del Sol – a stretch of stunning golden, sandy beaches running all the along the coastline, with several excellent seaside resorts dotted along the way. Here we list details of the beaches in some of the most popular resorts, for your sun and sand adventure. With the N340 […]

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Amazing Buildings Slated for Dubai

The rumors of Dubai’s demise after the 2008 global financial crisis have been greatly exaggerated, as many developers have shrugged off the few tough years that followed in its wake to continue the torrid pace of construction that existed in the 2000’s. As we enter 2015, a number of exciting structures are nearing completion, prompting […]

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