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Furry Friends on Holiday

Ah, holidays on the beach: the fun, the relaxation, the sand and sea. If your family includes four-footed friends, however, finding accommodations that welcome your furry family can be a challenge. After all, one can’t very well go on holiday without the entire family! All one needs to do is browse the Website of the local […]

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Europe’s Strangest Places

So you’ve seen the white cliffs of Dover, the Berlin wall, heck you’ve even been up the Eiffel Tower, but there are plenty of places in Europe that you’re unlikely to have heard of let alone decided you’re going to pay a visit. Inspired by the Geoguesser Competition, which drops you in various European locations, […]

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A Holiday in Heaven – Tenerife

Few destination names out there are on the lips of everybody the way Tenerife is and the truth is that it only got this famous precisely because it can be wonderful, mesmerizing and absolutely bewitching. From relaxing beaches to all-night parties, there is a myriad of things Tenerife can offer and looking into it can […]

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Unique UK: 5 Ways to Explore the British Isles

SELF DRIVE TOUR Discover the eccentricities of the Britons, the beautiful landscapes, iconic landmarks, gorgeous cities and experience the myths and mysteries of England via a self drive tour of the British Isles. The beauty of a self drive is the fact that you get to explore all the regions that matter to you at […]

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Alternative Places For a Wedding Abroad

EXOTIC KENYA A wedding in Kenya is one that can be wonderfully exceptional and unforgettable, in terms of wedding locations and settings, Kenya may boast to have it all; some couples have chosen to wed in the jungle with the savannah grassland forming a picturesque background. There are spectacular lakes littered all over the country […]

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