Alternative Places For a Wedding Abroad


A wedding in Kenya is one that can be wonderfully exceptional and unforgettable, in terms of wedding locations and settings, Kenya may boast to have it all; some couples have chosen to wed in the jungle with the savannah grassland forming a picturesque background. There are spectacular lakes littered all over the country which offer scenic settings for weddings such as Lake Naivasha (Kenyan celebrities have chosen this location) Lake Nakuru with its massive pink flocks of flamingos and Lake Bogoria with its steaming hot geysers.

Tsavo East National Park, Kenya. Author Simone Roda. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Tsavo East National Park, Kenya. Author Simone Roda. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Kenya weddings can also be held in secluded lodges or private game ranches where only the invited guest arrive either in formal dress code or informal. There are also luxury hotels across the country that offer great wedding venues, private homes where you can stay as much as you may wish and also you can have your wedding in the beautiful parks and gardens all over the country.

The Kenyan coast is also an ideal location for weddings, dotted by palm trees, indigenous trees, fine resorts and powdery sandy beaches you can never lack romantic location to exchange your vows in style.


Every bride and groom would want to exchange their vows in the most spectacular destinations and locations in the world. Choosing Italy as a wedding destination will definitely create a wonderful setting for your fairytale wedding experience. Italy boasts of beautiful landscapes crowned with stunning vineyards, pretty medieval villages, and fabulous cities and not forgetting its gorgeous coastline. Villa weddings in Italy are a popular option, since they come in all shapes and sizes, you will be able to pick one that will create sweet memories for the exchange of your marriage vows.

Villas in Italy have an authentic Italian touch, many have beautiful churches and chapels onsite or spectacular wedding halls nearby which will serve as suitable venues for your wedding. Some of the villas may be glamorous medieval castles with spacious accommodations for the whole crowd offering friends and relatives an opportunity to celebrate together in magnificent surroundings. Other options may be rustic farmhouses renovated and restored surrounded by its own elegant gardens and breathtaking views of farmyards and yet spacious enough to accommodate your wedding crew.  A villa wedding in Italy is one that is unforgettable and remarkably beautiful.


A wedding is a couple’s most important part of their life together, in India a wedding is a very important occasion which can go on for weeks depending on the family’s wealth and ability. India boasts of a lengthy coastline littered with fine stretches of sandy beaches ideal for weddings and romantic getaways.


Goa by Sanyam Studios via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Goa is one of the most sought after wedding destinations in India due to its serene beaches and the wedding venues; you can wed on a secluded beach with wet sand under your feet, colorful gardens next to the beach or in a luxury yacht decked in flowers. The Goan cuisine and cocktails will keep your guests taste buds enticed.