3 Amazing Locations for a Family Holiday

Beach on Grand Cayman Author- Poco a poco (Creative Commons)

Beach on Grand Cayman by Poco a poco (Creative Commons)


Located at the heart of Morocco, Marrakech is an extra ordinary City with intriguing charms, interesting places to visit and diverse culture. This makes it a favorable location for a fun filled family holiday as there is something exciting for every member of the family.

You can take your family to the beautiful palaces and monuments, be amazed by the beauty of the Bahia Palace, so dazzling with astonishing floor to ceiling decorations. This is not surprising, as “Bahai” literally means beauty. At Palais El Badi, check out the view of Marrakech atop the rugged ramparts, sometimes the king offers royal entertainment here and your family may enjoy watching a stately event.

The Djemma El Fna square is bustling with activities. Though its name means ‘assembly of the dead’ as executions were carried here in AD 1050, you need not be afraid as you and your family will be greatly entertained by snake charmers, dancing boys, story tellers and fire eaters.

Do not deny yourselves a visit to the popular souk market which sell everything from Berber love potions to herbal remedies for every illness; perhaps you will find a potion to keep your kids in check! You may even get your family members to try out the henna tattoos in exotic Arabic designs. The beauty is they eventually do come out on their own.

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The Caribbean Islands are full of excitement, intoxicating music, and numerous and engaging activities for each member of the family. There are thousands of Islands in the Caribbean and only a few inhabited. The azure seas, splendid white beaches and the vivid green forests will inspire even the most despairing of souls.

You can spend time strolling the spectacular beaches and building sand castles with your kids or hop from Island to Island, see the famed Caymans Island. You can visit the large malls in the commercial Grand Cayman enjoy shopping in this glitzy shopping Mecca and rest in one of the fabulous restaurants.

In Jamaica Island you or any of your family members can try out this adrenaline rushing experiment of jumping from canopy to canopy of the tropical forests  on a zip line, swing from tree to tree and feel like Tarzan in the jungle. Wherever you choose to take your family in the Caribbean, be assured of having the time of your life.

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A colorful Island Nation with diverse cultures, friendly people, great history and spicy Sicilian inspired cuisines. Its warmth and child friendly activities make it an ideal destination for a family vacation. Take your family on a discovery tour of the pint sized capital Valletta; known for her massive fortifications and astonishing architectural excellence.

Colourful Boats of Malta

Colourful Boats of Malta (Creative Commons)

Villas in Malta are aplenty so you can find a fantastic space with loads of room for the family to roam around in and a pool to relax in during the hot summer hours. For those with less of a luxury budget there are also fantastic bed and breakfasts and guest houses  to choose from, tucked away in the hills and down cute little town roads.

There are enough places to visit In Malta, the Grandmasters Palace is a historical building built in the 16th century and still majestically standing with a sumptuous interior. The Hal Saflieni Hypogiel is an incredible underground necropolis that consists of halls and chambers curved out of living rock.

A ride in the colorful boats of Malta would be a great way to spend time with you family as you enjoy a spectacular offshore view of this small but thrilling island. Being a bike friendly state, you can enjoy a tour on the road, undoubtedly a pleasurable family activity.

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