A Romantic View from the Tower in Paris


Paris (creative commons)

Paris is many things, however one word that springs to everyone’s mind, is romance.

Beautiful architecture, more landmarks than you can think of, amazing shopping, delicious food, and that famous Parisian welcome, it’s no wonder Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world.

Happily, Paris is also very cheap to get to, and with many airlines charging next to nothing for a quick hop over the channel, Paris is becoming accessible to all, and you don’t have to go shopping in Chanel if you don’t have the budget for it, I find window shopping gives exactly the same hit!

Cheap flights also mean more money to spend when you get there. Save even more money by doing a little research into airport extras. Never heard of them? Well these are handy little add-ons that make travel plans not only easier and less stressful, but also save money.

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Once you land in Paris, either at Orly Airport or more commonly, Charles de Gaulle Airport, you’ll find it quick and easy to get to the city centre, with the RER metro system great value for money.. Alternatively, taxis will get you from A to B.

So you’re in the city of romance, what is there to do? Of course, the first place you’ll think of is the Eiffel Tower, and this is a complete and utter must visit; no trip to Paris would be complete without it. As well as the city’s most famous landmark, head to Notre Dame, check out the Arc de Triomphe, jump on a cruise down the River Seine, or alternatively, have a leisurely wander around, stopping at cute little cafes for a coffee and soak up the Parisian laid-back vibe. For those that love their culture, there is of course many an art gallery and museum, with the Louvre being the most famous.

Louvre at Dusk

Louvre at Dusk (creative commons)

We couldn’t mention Paris without talking about shopping, this is of course one of the most fashionable cities on the planet! If you’re like me, you won’t have the budget for major splurges of the Dior kind, however a wander down Rue Montaigne will no doubt leave your eyes bulging at the price tags. There are many budget-friendly stores, however, so worry not!

Nightlife in Paris? Varied. We’re in a big city, so you’re sure to find something for everyone, from hip clubs, to more laid-back bars, with everything in-between. Of course, Paris is also known for its great cuisine, with many a Michelin star, but there is something for every price tag.

The magic of Paris is not lost on anyone who visits, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a restful city break, the French capital delivers and then some.