How to Avoid a Traffic Accident

Being involved in a car accident is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and the experience on the whole is simply terrifying. Just last year I was involved in a collision with 2 other cars that thankfully left me relatively unscathed and 2 others requiring hospital treatment. It was not just the injury which left me in a state, it was also the trauma that I couldn’t forget and the ensuing legal battle which took place afterwards. Thankfully during this time I was well looked after by the medical staff and from the legal team Groth Associates who handled the case.

Whilst there are no guarantees that you can ever completely avoid being involved in a car accident, there are some steps which you can take to massively reduce the risk of it happening to you, or the risk of you causing one.

Safe Driving

Safe driving is a blanket term for driving within the confines of the law, respecting the rules of the road as well as the other drivers using it. When you are driving, you must employ what you have been taught when driving, leaving a safe distance from the car in front, indicating with sufficient time, taking your time around bends and respecting the speed limit. Assuming that you drive in this way, you can greatly reduce your risk of having an accident. Usually the people who cause car accidents are those who think that the rules don’t apply to them or those who are driving without giving enough focus to what they are doing.

Minimize Distractions

When you are in charge of a vehicle, that is the only thing that you should concern yourself with and your eyes should be constantly on the road ahead and behind. Loud music, mobile phone usage and any other distraction which occurs inside the car can really make you run the risk of having a car accident. Accidents happen in a split second and the damage which they can cause can be devastating, just last week I watched a video of a family of 5 who were all killed by a truck after the driver checked his phone to change a song. Life is important and you should focus to avoid losing yours or causing the loss of another.

Car Checks

Many accidents are caused as a result of someone’s car breaking down or having issues whilst they are driving and whilst of course you can never truly avoid this, you can play your part in reducing the risk. Make sure that you have your car serviced when you are supposed to and that you take your car to the garage if you sense that something is not quite right. This may cost you a little bit of money but it is better that you do this than your brakes failing when you are driving, or even an indicator light not working which could cause someone to plough into the back of you.

Drive with care and caution, respect the rules of the road and make sure that your car is fit for purpose in order to minimize your risk of an accident on the road.

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