Barbados- Heaven on Earth

Sun, beach, sea! What could be more wicked that that? Barbados offers the perfect Caribbean vacation.

The island was formerly a British colony, but regained its independence in 1966. Depending on your area of interests and the activities you desire, Barbados offers vacations all year-round.

Staying in Barbados

When planning your Barbados getaway, first step is finding a suitable place to stay. Barbados accommodation is extremely wide and guaranteed you will find something to suit your taste and budget.

Barbados beach resort (creative commons)

Barbados beach resort (creative commons)

For a luxurious experience a wonderful option would be to stay at the resorts on the west coast of the island, including Sandy Lane, Coral Reef Club and Cobblers Cove. All offer the ultimate pampering holiday with exceptional service and amenities.

Private villas, fully equipped with cook and butler if you so desire can be a wonderful alternative to hotels and resorts. They offer the ultimate privacy and space to enjoy an intimate getaway.

Barbados Weather

Barbados has a generally warm weather. If you want to spend your vacation sun bathing, the best time of the year is the dry season that starts in January and ends in June.

Barbados entertainment& night life

Barbados hosts a number of special festivals, events and carnivals that take place every year. Timing your trip to synchronize with one of these events will make you journey extremely memorable. Don’t miss out festivals like The Holetown Festival in February that celebrates music, food and drama, nor The Crop Over Festival a wonderful street carnival or the Reggae Festival in April and the Celtic Festival in June.

Active vacation in Barbados

If you’re looking for an active, full of adventure vacation in the Caribbean then Barbados is the key.

Even though Barbados is a small Caribbean island, it is filled with a wide range of exciting activities and breath-taking scenery. You can play golf, go on a submarine ride, and explore an underground cave, party the night away on the welcoming streets of Barbados. If you feel over the top adventurous then try out marvelous water sports like white water kayaking, Jet Ski and parasailing.

Given the fact that Rum is originally from Barbados, you must explore the rum distilleries and indulge your tastes.

Barbados will give the taste of adventure and leave you with a true Caribbean taste of what a holiday truly is. Discovering Barbados will make you want to stay longer and catch a wonderful taste of the island life.