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7 Hotels in Maui with Amazing Views

When you think of perfect beaches, Hawaii immediately comes to mind. If you’re preparing for a trip to Maui, Hawaii, you may think all you need to be concerned about is the pearly white sand and the crystal clear waves. But you also need to think about where you will be staying and in that […]

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Top Beach Vacations in Australia

Although it is the smallest of the seven continents, Australia is often referred to as the largest island in the world.  Surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as the Arafura, Coral, Timor and Tasman Seas, it’s no wonder that tourists flock to the beaches. While there are many excellent holiday spots, the […]

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Miscellaneous Melbourne

Melbourne has been considered one of the best cities to live in on the planet. What this means is that Melbourne has an attraction that is not easily relayed through words. Instead of exploring a theme of the city, this article will throw a few things out there at random with the hope that your […]

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Exploring the Cultural Chameleon That is Melbourne

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Melbourne, and millions of people from around the world flock to the city each year to dine at the remarkable restaurants, tour the incredible attractions and experience the vibrant culture of the Victorian capital. After you have spent some time shopping and dining at the Docklands, walking along […]

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Melbourne – the most liveable city in the world

If Australia is on your travel plans, or if you live nearby and have never visited, the capital city of Melbourne is somewhere you simply must go. Of course, to get here, you may need to take a flight, and you are definitely going to want to get the least expensive flight you can, so […]

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Lost in the Maldives

Want to make your friends and colleagues insanely jealous? Just casually drop “Actually I’m vacationing in the Maldives this year” into conversation, preferably in the dead of winter for a total effect. That will draw all the envy towards you but will give the ultimate power feeling. You will spend an entire holiday doing nothing […]

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