Lost in the Maldives

Want to make your friends and colleagues insanely jealous? Just casually drop “Actually I’m vacationing in the Maldives this year” into conversation, preferably in the dead of winter for a total effect. That will draw all the envy towards you but will give the ultimate power feeling. You will spend an entire holiday doing nothing but relaxing.

Maldives Islands (creative commons)

Maldives Islands (creative commons)

Do not waste any minute pondering whether you should go or not to the Maldives. Just prepare for a few days when you will be able to switch off your phone and shut down the laptop because this place is all about living the exotic island dream. The beaches come milky-white and less crowded. The ocean is unbelievably blue and hides deep coloured corals and multicoloured marine life species. And as for the hotels, you will find a wide variety of resorts that offer their specialized gourmet restaurants, rustic-chic villas and luxury spas.

The dream gateway

The Maldives Islands feature several attractions that must be experienced by every traveller. Among those places is The Grand Friday Mosque or Masjid-al-Sultan, a fascinating place of worship. This mosque features sublime wooden carvings and some superb examples of Islamic authentic art. Constructed in the 17th century, this magnificent edifice can accommodate almost 5000 persons.

Other interesting site is The President’s Palace. This monumental building is the official residence of the President of the Maldives. Although it is closed for visitors, travellers may take photographic memories of the splendid exterior.

If you are looking for museum sights, the Male’s National Museum is another highlight spot in the Maldives. There you will find a tremendous range of artefacts. The museum is located in a mesmerizing colonial edifice  and it houses a mesmerizing range of artefacts.

Maldives Islands (creative commons)

Maldives Islands (creative commons)


Do not miss the Maldives Fish Market. The travellers will see a spectacular assortment of sea creatures and will also be able to indulge themselves with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Given the fact that Maldives has a seaside environment it is not a surprise that many of the holiday tour packages available in the Maldives focus on water activities. Snorkelling is a popular activity in the Maldives, with waters that have the perfect temperature and a variety of underwater marine life, especially the corals. Scuba diving is indubitably one of the premier aquatic sports to be enjoyed in the Maldives.

After a Maldives experience you will get back to work fresher than ever and wearing sparkling beautiful islands tan.