Skiathos- the Island Touched by Divinity

Although, Skiathos is a small island, her wonderful beaches and the unique landscapes will make it your top choice for a nice summer gateway. Skiathos beaches offer the possibility to enjoy great swimming and water sports activities accompanied by lively taverns. And if the sun gets too strong, try hiding away and enjoy the relaxing pine tree shades.

Gods must have needed a place for a luscious retreat otherwise Skiathos couldn’t have had all these beautiful natural scenery and a perfect climate. The island is ideal for all travellers. Whether you are looking for a holiday destination where you and your partner have the possibility to enjoy sweet romantic moments, or you need to take your family in a journey that will fulfill every member’s desire, or you simply want to take one of your friends and go to a place that it’s known for its amazing nightlife, Skiathos is suitable and affordable for everyone.

The island is actually a popular choice for families and any other tourist groups, because holidays here revolve around the sandy magical coastlines. 

Skiathos Island (creative commons)

Skiathos Island (creative commons)

Best beaches in Skiathos

Taking its name from the lush, green pines that decorate the beautiful Skiathos shores, Koukounaries is one of the most popular beaches that Skiathos has to offer. Here you will find excellent conditions for sunbathing and swimming and suitable water sports centres where you can practice banana boat rides, donut rides, Jet Ski and water ski, wake boarding and sailing.

For those sunbathing lovers, Toulos is one of the island’s prettiest beaches, located in a protected bay, and boasting with smooth white-gold sand and clear turquoise breathtaking water. The setting of lush olive groves and fertile agricultural land gives the beach a rustic look, making it a place of relaxation for soaking under the brilliant Mediterranean sunshine.

The capital, Skiathos Town, presents a lively and cosmopolitan sight. The nightlife and entertainment scene is much diversified, with both night clubs and authentic taverns found all over the island, satisfying everyone’s taste.

Skiathos is a well established holiday destination in the Greek Islands, and boasts not only with wonderful beaches and five star equipped tourist resorts, but also with a rich history and stunning architectural sights.