Welcome to Mexico!

Few countries have so much travelling potential like Mexico deos. This country is an ideal destination for landscapes sightseeing, swimming with dolphins and getting the pulse of all the Mexican festivals.

This exotic holiday destination offers a sunny climate, idyllic beaches and delicious cuisine. It has a rich culture, luxurious and sophisticated resorts and the countryside is simply unspoilt.

Sunbathing and swimming with the dolphins

Mexico has beautiful golden beaches that are perfect for extreme water sports and sunbathing, while swimming with dolphins can give your holiday a special feeling.

Streets in Mexico vibrate pure joy because of all the colourful traditional festivals that take place regularly, completed with feasts, fireworks, fantastic music and dance.

Cathedral in Mexico (creative commons)

Cathedral in Mexico (creative commons)

If swimming with dolphins has always been a secret desire of yours then Cancun is the place where you can make your dream come true. Mexican holidays are the perfect opportunity to learn all about the highly intelligent bottle nosed dolphins. And a must for animal lovers is to actually swim with them for 30 minutes. Then you will leave Mexico with a pocket full of memories and one more checked item on your bucket list.

Mexican festivals

The major festivals in Mexico are usually related to a religious event. Also, small fairs and harvest festivals can be seen throughout the entire year. The Mexico Carnival is also a popular event here that lasts for five days. Attendance is mandatory in order to fully appreciate the Mexican culture.

Cancun, Mexico (creative commons)

Cancun, Mexico (creative commons)

Holidays to Mexico mix the Caribbean vibe with the American excitement transforming them into the perfect getaways for unrivalled family fun and romantic couple escapes. The exotic beaches and the cultural sites are characterized by a tropical beauty, a sunny sky all year round and amazing five star hotels that are perfect for those who seek to have fun in the sun.

The Maya Reef is a paradise of soft white sands backed by low-lying jungle that will give your holiday a very tropical sparkle. Water sports, particularly reef diving and whale watching, are popular in this calm region of the Caribbean Sea.