A Fabulous Holiday to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of South America’s most dynamic, cosmopolitan and flamboyant cities. From the beaches at Copacabana up to the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio has remained one of the most rated holiday destinations.

Rio de Janeiro (creative commons)

Rio de Janeiro (creative commons)

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and it has gained its notoriety for the diverse mix of sights, breathtaking landscapes, golden sandy beaches and the internationally known annual carnival. The statue of Christ on Corcovado Mountain and Sugar Loaf, are two stunning locations in the city that travellers from all over the world are fascinated by.

Luxury Holidays to Rio de Janeiro

Blessed with golden sand beaches, a curvaceous bay surrounded by glossy high-rises and an iconic mountain range wrapped in verdant forestry, Rio de Janeiro is indeed a natural beauty. Considered the most charismatic city in South America, Rio is a fun and provocative destination filled with addictive music, flashy colours and symbolic landmarks. Known for the statue of Christ, the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio is also known for being the carnival capital of the world with thousands of festival-goers descending every year to watch extravagant parades, exotic costumes and sensual samba dancing.

Urban Janeiro mood

What could possible beat zipping a nice fruity cocktail on the beautiful golden beach of Copacabana while hearing the sweet sound of Bossa Nova music? Nothing can beat Rio de Janeiro! Tourists don’t seem to get enough of it and they sure know something. Facts show that not only Rio has beautiful landscapes and urban trademark, but also the most beautiful people in the world. That could be a useful holiday tip for those solo travellers. Your soul mate could be lying on the beach waiting for your appearance. The streets are filled with bars and restaurants and cafes that emanate luscious and vibrant beats of samba and Bossa Nova sounds.

Rio de Janeiro also known as the ‘cidade maravilhosa’, English for marvellous city, is indeed a unique, exhilarating piece of art. Sided by gorgeous mountains, white-sand beaches and green rainforests fronting deep blue sea, Rio can be tracked as one of the best metropolis in the world. Compound it with one of the sexiest populations on the planet and you will have a phenomenal tropical cocktail that leaves visitors drunk on paradise.