Havana City Break

Cuba’s capital city is one of the most vibrant, extraordinary and unique places in the whole wide world. Havana boasts with the finest cluster of colonial architecture landscapes in Latin America, having not suffered any damage in the independence and ordeals.

Vintage cars in Havana (creative commons)

Vintage cars in Havana (creative commons)

When people picture a Caribbean holiday one thing normally comes to mind: tropical beaches where palm trees line along sandy beaches framed by a gorgeous turquoise sea. But Havana is all about going back to the origins. Finding that natural unexplored beauty and enjoying the simple things of life –  that is the Cuban spirit.

Nothing compares to Havana. There is a smell in the air which will sweep you off your feet the moment you land on Cuban ground.  There is a brilliant fusion of worlds as the modern sky tower buildings of the port meet the iron balconies and stone courtyards that can be found in the old part of the town.  The city is full of sights to visit with modern galleries and shops, old town monuments, palaces and parks. You can never have enough of Havana.

The place is haphazard, old and dusty, yet undeniably wicked, not in the mainstream sense but in the evolved, rum drinking, cigar smoking and salsa dancing style.  Anyone who has ever watched the Buena Vista Social Club or listened to their amazing music will appreciate this city’s uncanny style. It is hard to pin down exactly what it is that makes Havana so unique Maybe spending some days there will clear your doubts.

Unlike many high rated tour cities that hide behind perfect facades, Havana presents itself in its most charming light, as being authentic and unostentatious.

Stop reading guide tourist books about the ‘must sees’ of Havana. Don’t plan anything. This is not the case. Havana has a history of its own told by its streets. Go and listen to the street sound and you will be enlightened. The city really comes to life as you wonder through its small crowded streets, sit in its bars and cafes, eat its delicious food and dance to its sweet music. It’s not a city that strikes by its exuberance; it rather slings a welcoming pat on your shoulder and eases you along.