Cost Cutting tips for Travelling


Although rewarding, travelling is one of the more expensive experiences you will ever undergo in your life. Travelling from city to city, country to country, all the while managing your finances and making sure you have all your belongings is far from a relaxing ordeal, but it can be made a lot easier with these money saving techniques, devised for you to use when out on the road.

Divide Belongings

If you are travelling with companions, then you should make it a goal to carry a division of each other’s luggage within each backpack. That way, if anything gets lost during the trip, you haven’t lost all your stuff and only a little bit of damage has been done. To put this into context – if you lose your bag with everything; there will be next to no luck surviving, unless you have a backup plan.

Buy open ended returns

Unless you can manage to stick to your itinerary without any hitches whatsoever; this tip is for you. Most travel companies now offer open ended tickets and while they are slightly more expensive in price, it will prove a lot cheaper than having to buy a replacement ticket should you miss a flight, train or bus to your next destination.

Forget the camera – use a smart device

When it comes to travelling, the less expensive items the better. If you have them on show then it’s likely an invitation for trouble in some places you may end up. So, instead of taking too many luxury items, stick to dual-operational items, such as a tablet or smartphone that can be used as a mobile device and a camera as well. Not only this, but with a smart device you can access all your favourite apps from home and better yet, have the chance to win some cash if your finances are depleting quickly. For example Gambling Kingz UK online casino guide can find you some great promotional offers to exploit if you have no money to do anything but sit in the hostel all day – to which you can then convert into an extra bit of travelling cash (should you prove skilful enough). Although spending money on online gambling may not be the best way to spend a large part of your travelling experience, a quick punt here and there can take your mind away from the stress of location hopping, all the while offering the possibility of some bonus funds!

Take advantage of the ‘freebies’

At some point during your travels you are going to need a break from the hostels and cheap zones, so you are likely to wind up in a hotel at a particular stage of your trip. When and if you do decide to check in to a hotel, be on hand to look for all the freebies you can to make your stay more relaxing and helpful to your trip going forward. Leave no stone unturned whilst looking for these bonus goodies, because if its part of the package it will likely be quite rewarding!