Famous and historical European casinos

Monte Carlo - Photo by- Chris Yunker – used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Monte Carlo by Chris Yunker (Creative Commons)

In Europe when you think of the home of gambling Monte Carlo will probably be the first place that comes to mind, but all throughout Europe there is a whole variety of famous and old casinos to be found. With casinos found everywhere from the busy streets of London to the waterways of Venice, taking a trip around Europe can lead to some of the most elegant and luxurious casinos in the world.

One of the many great aspects to these casinos is the tradition and history behind many of them as some have been around for hundreds of years. Because of this many of the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have been based around them in order to create a sense of class and elegance. There has been a fair amount of speculation as to the future of these establishments in recent years due to the rise of online casinos like Lucky Nugget. It is most likely to be the less well-established casinos that suffer first however, as opposed to those that are steeped in history.

Examples of these casinos are everywhere, take the Casino di Venezia in Venice Italy. Due to the waterways of Venice this casino could not simply expand as it grew more and more popular over the years, this was a problem that led to them buying suitable buildings as soon as they came on the market no matter where they were in the city meaning that at one time they had locations spread across Venice.

Casinò-di-Venezia (creative commons)

Casinò-di-Venezia (creative commons)

Another great place to visit would be the Casinos in San Remo, including the San Remoís Municipal Casino. This casino may not be as big as those that you would find elsewhere around the world but what it lacks in size it makes up for in history as it was first opened in 1905. Even when in 1924 Mussolini ordered for all gambling halls to be closed they were allowed to stay open. Today when you arrive there you will find a casino with games such as blackjack and a multitude of slots but you will know it is a place of history.