Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Next Trip

Have you ever tried to clean the house or walk to the store on an empty stomach? It’s almost impossible to finish and get anything done in that condition. You get light headed and struggle to focus, and in worse cases, collapse. With that said, it is essential to keep yourself fed especially if you are planning to do any heavy or long-term activities.

Healthy Travel Snacks

Long road trips are both fun and boring. It’s fun because you get to hang out with people you like and be stuck on a stretch of concrete in a metal wagon for hours on end. It’s boring because you’re stuck on a stretch of concrete in a metal wagon for hours on end.

Hunger can do crazy things to a person. Some people tend to get very angry when they are hungry, and some become lethargic. This can put you at a disadvantage because you will not be in the right state of mind. That can be dangerous when you are travelling. Because stores aren’t always readily available when on the road; you should keep snacks handy in your vehicle or bag when you travel. Here are a few healthy snacks to pack for everyone when you go on a trip:

Fruits and Veggies

Because you’ll tend to snack based on boredom rather than hunger most of the time on the road, healthy options are the best. That’s why it is recommended to have fruits and vegetables handy for your trip. Easy to eat fruits like apple slices, bananas or even oranges if you like. If you’re travelling with kids, dried fruits like mangos and pineapples will keep their hunger and boredom at bay.

Protein-rich food

Fruits and vegetables don’t appeal to everyone. And so, another great option for a road trip snack is anything that is rich in protein. Beef jerky is easily the best candidate as it is already dried and easy to pack. Plus, everyone onboard can easily eat a strip or two. Cheese string is another excellent source of protein and a great travel snack. Kids love it, and they are fun to eat by themselves. These should be enough to battle hunger and can keep you full for the next few hours.

Sweet Treats

This one is for travelers with a sweet tooth: if you can’t get through the day without eating something sweet to satisfy your cravings, then mini graham crackers or whole grain cookies might just be for you. They are just the right amount of sweet and they are healthier for you compared to candy bars. Other sweet treats you can bring with you on the include fruit snacks and chocolate covered fruits and nuts.

Fun Drinks

You know what goes great with snacks? Drinks. You always need a good drink when you eat. Of course, water is the number one drink to have when you travel, but sometimes it’s just not enough. And so, other healthy options for drinks when travelling are low sugar juice boxes for the kids, coffee drinks for the adults, and coconut water for everyone who wants it. These are all healthier compared to soda drinks and have more taste than plain water.

Planning meals for your family is tough. But seeing them healthy and well-adjusted makes everything worthwhile. So, it is essential to plan to make sure that nobody gets hungry on your next trip, whether it’s on a plane or a long road trip. Lastly, we want to thank Alpha Car Hire for creating this list for the many travelers of the world.

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