How to Choose Between the Greek Islands on a Summer Break

View of Vathy, Capital of Samos by Pe-sa (Creative Commons)

View of Vathy, Capital of Samos by Pe-sa (Creative Commons)

Greece is legendary for its status as a perfect summer break. Its golden beaches and blue, salty seas attract large numbers of visitors and holidaymakers every year, all of which are eager to soak up the country’s history and as much glorious sunlight as possible.

Although the Greek mainland has an uncountable number of fascinating treasures, the Greek islands make particularly good spots to visit while exploring this part of the world, but how can you choose between them?


This is an excellent all-round Greek island, making it a particularly good choice for families. The sixth largest island in Greece, it’s famous for its white wine and peaceful beaches and offers charming fishing villages to explore and enjoy.

The island also features a wide range of shops, allowing visitors to enjoy a huge assortment of products, created by local tradespeople. Its pottery shops, where you can see local villagers spinning clay and morphing it into beautiful creations right before your eyes, are particularly note-worthy.


Formally home to the Colossus, one of the largest structures in the ancient world, people have historically flocked to the area to enjoy legendary Rhodes holidays and find out why this area has played such an important part in the history of Greece.

Currently, Rhodes is popular for offering a huge number of different places to explore, with 43 towns and villages to visit. While you’re there, you should definitely see the Palace of the Grand Master, or take a trip to Mandraki harbour. This is particularly beautiful during the evening, as the sunset illuminates the sandy yellow stone of the surrounding buildings.




As far as stunning landscapes go, you can’t beat Milos. It looks as if you’ve stepped onto the surface of the moon, with a white rocky landscape reflecting its status as a volcanic island.

While it’ll be tempting to spend the entire time just taking pictures of the incredible landscape, the island itself is home to a magnificent ancient theatre and plenty of little fishing villages. All in all, this is a great island to visit if you have the time to appreciate the scenery fully.


Greece’s smallest permanently inhabited island, its crystal-clear seas make it a popular location for people who love swimming and snorkelling. The colourful town is a beautiful location for pictures and is surrounded by rolling hills for hiking and enjoying sunsets on. The island is also famous for its fresh seafood, making it perfect for those with a hungry stomach!