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Five Reasons That You Will Fall In Love With a Cruise Vacation

If you are sick of the same type of holiday each year, 2 weeks in an all-inclusive hotel, or lazing around on a beach for the duration of your break, why not consider something a little different this year. Cruise vacations are becoming ever more popular and the myth that this is only a type […]

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Top Ten Strangest Sites to Visit in Tokyo

If you’ve ever visited Tokyo before, you know that the city is filled with traditional artwork and culture as well as the most high tech up-to-date trends. You also may have heard of—but never visited—some of the weird and wacky places that Tokyo has to offer. Here’s a list of some Tokyo activities that may […]

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7 Reasons to Visit Tel Aviv

Pilgrims have been visiting the Holy Land for centuries as Jerusalem is holy to the three major monotheistic religions. Modern day tourists may prefer an extended stopover in Tel Aviv, Israel’s city that never sleeps. This bustling metropolis is at Israel’s cultural heart and its secular nature is a striking contrast to the more conservative […]

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Surviving the Outback: An Essential Guide for First-Time Travelers

As you land on the great Australian soil, the feeling of thrill and fun instantly kicks in. There’s so much to accomplish on your to-do-list. And one ultimate thing you want to mark as ‘checked’ on your list is to explore Australia’s great Outback. Now that is understandable; almost everyone has the immense desire to […]

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4 Beach Locations Not to Miss in Your Lifetime

Are you someone who can’t get enough of beach life? If that is the case, have you made it a priority on your life’s bucket list to visit as many great beaches as possible? Now, attempting to get to all the world’s beautiful beaches is of course going to be a challenge. Keep in mind […]

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Where to go for the Ultimate Trekking Holiday

Trekking is all about getting out and exploring the unknown. Even though the paths that you trek on may have been around for centuries if they are maintained well you may never even see another sign of humanity. It is a great escape from the day to day monotonous routine that you find yourself stuck […]

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Inspiring Holiday Destinations for Animal Aficionados

If your day to day life is leaving you bored and uninspired then a nature trip is the perfect solution. Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is something that few people get to experience. Here are five holiday destinations for animal aficionados. Whale Watching In Sri Lanka             Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of […]

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How to Spend your Summer Holidays in the UK

Summer vacation is arriving soon and the time has come to start making plans. If you are planning on visiting the UK, or if you already live there, there are so many things to do and see. Here is how to spend your summer holidays in the UK. Relax In A Village In The Cotswolds […]

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Europe’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Taking a vacation at a lake is a great way to relax from the hectic stress of your day to day life. There is something about tranquil waters surrounded by beautiful nature that really helps you put things into perspective. Here are five of Europe’s most beautiful lakes. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park […]

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7 Stunning Beaches off the Beaten Track

If you are looking for a beach that is beautiful, not filled with crowds, and a little bit harder to get to, then here are 7 stunning beaches that are off the beaten track. These beaches are perfect if you are travelling during the school holidays, as you can avoid the hoards of holiday-makers and […]

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