Top Ten Strangest Sites to Visit in Tokyo

If you’ve ever visited Tokyo before, you know that the city is filled with traditional artwork and culture as well as the most high tech up-to-date trends. You also may have heard of—but never visited—some of the weird and wacky places that Tokyo has to offer. Here’s a list of some Tokyo activities that may be off the beaten path and down a stranger, more unique road.

Professional Live Sumo Wrestling

These wrestlers are giants and many weigh in at 200 kg (400 pounds). They train together in “stables”, where all the magic takes place: eating, sleeping, relaxing, and most importantly, training. The stable master takes charge of young Sumo wrestlers as early as 13 years old. See the action or sign up to be a participant in a competition at a number of locations around the city.

Golden Gai

The Golden Gai takes bar hopping to another level. It’s a fascinating neighborhood in Tokyo that manages to get 200 of the tiniest bars in six constrictive alleyways. You can’t drive there so bring comfortable shoes—and your strongest liver!

Make Sushi

Tokyo Tours is an excellent idea for sushi lovers and where you can learn how to make sushi with professionals. First, you must pick out your fish at the Tsukiji Fish Market. You’ll be able to eat your own creation and with any luck at all, it will taste like sushi! If you’re really bold, try your luck by pairing your delicious creation with sake.

The Observation Deck

If you’re afraid of heights, this may be the time to just say, “no.” The Tokyo Sky Tree is only 350 meters high—which means it’s taller than the Eiffel Tower. Not only does the observation deck seem to touch the clouds, but you’ll have the most sensational panoramic view. The bad news is you have to walk the last bit of the journey up a spiral staircase. However, the brave hearts will enjoy looking through glass planes down to the ground floor. Don’t forget your camera because no one will believe you made the trip to the Tokyo Sky Tree.

The Bathhouse

If you want to take a bath in public, now’s your chance. The Sento, an outdoor bath house for anyone to use, came about because the construction of the Japanese apartments were so small that individual bathrooms were eliminated. Nonetheless, they have made lemonade out of lemons by making it a social spot coupled with a spa-like surroundings. Women and men bathe separately.

The Cat Cafe

Want to talk about strange: Tokyo is infamous for its weird and increasingly popular Cat Cafes. In one of these many cafes around the city, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while cats of all breeds roam around the cafe, sometimes even cozying up next to you! Of course, this is a spot made specifically for cat lovers.

Hello Kitty and Gothic Lolitas

Have you heard of cosplay? Its Japanese culture where people, mainly teens, get dressed up as video game characters and enjoy mingling with each other. Go to Harajuku Tokyo to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to see French Maids, Hello Kitty, and Gothic Lolitas in person!

Hotel Capsule

Picture a hotel built like a capsule where travelers check in for an afternoon nap. An odd picture, something like the Jetson’s cartoon series, isn’t it? The hotel does have its benefits. As a matter of fact, if you’re on a strict budget, this is a money saving idea, especially if you’re only going to need the space for a little while. Owners target individuals who need a bed while they wait for a train out of town or for brief business trips.

Theme Restaurants

The Alcatraz ER is a restaurant in Japan that’s famous for making meals look like they came out of a horror movie. Eating brain is most definitely one of the strangest meals you’ll have in Tokyo. You could even have a drink out of a dummy’s head! For a Gothic evening, head over to the Robot Restaurant. You’ll be able to take part in music, dancing, and the most unique part yet—robots fighting!

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Shirokanedai district is home to the Happo-en Japanese Garden where you can participate in the tea ceremony and have some drinks. Uniquely, it’s an absolute vision with its natural and untamed beauty. Take in the weather and the visual aspects of the garden’s greenery.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

People who have never experienced an earthquake are curious to know what it feels like.  Ikebukuro Earthquake Museum takes care of that in a safe environment. You learn what a 7.0 size quake is like, how to handle it, and the history of some of the world’s most destructive earthquakes.

Toden Arakawa Line

Once Tokyo had a tremendous amount of streetcars, but there’s only one left. The streetcar is a fun way to get about the city, although most tourists don’t even know about it. You can venture off to the northern and eastern side of Tokyo and get a glimpse of places tourists rarely see. Think of it as your own time travel machine.


We hope you will take advantage of these suggestions for some of the strangest sites to see in Tokyo! Remember that business class flights to Tokyo may be worth the extra cost in order to see these strange and wacky sites. Have fun and take loads of pics to share with your friends because, frankly, they are not going to believe you!

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