The Best Places In The World for Spa Breaks

The best places in the world for spa breaks take you out of your everyday experience, giving you a taste of the exoticism out there ... photo by CC user Bhattharasinthorn Kosawan & Chot-Anan Kittiraweechot - Pai Spa  (

Today’s world is not a relaxing place, as pressure placed on workers in the new economy has pushed many to their physical and emotional limits. As such, relaxing holidays that are tailored to their needs are in demand like never before.

While it is possible to go around the corner to a tanning salon or to the clinic of a registered massage therapist, there is no respite for the mind and body than getting away to a place where the everyday stressors of people’s lives are stripped away and replaced with palm trees, 1,000+ year old colonial architecture and exotic treatments that will take you to blissful places that you would never been had you stayed home.

The following spa breaks are the best of their kind in the world, so if your daily life has rubbed you raw lately, consider booking a trip for one of these countries…

1) Croatia

The azure, clear blue waters of the Croatian coast, as well as the medieval era towns and cities that have been perfectly restored from the wear and tear of years past set the scene for a relaxing spa vacation in Croatia, which is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Balkans.

From the ancient city of Dubrovnik, to island getaways like Brac where there are countless bucolic villages and deserted beaches, there are plenty of places where one can enjoy health spa breaks in an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

2) Thailand

The Land of Smiles is one of Asia’s best places to unwind, as even in its most hectic city (Bangkok), the healthy food and friendly people will have you feeling at ease shortly after stepping off the plane. Your state of zen will only increase when you arrive at beach destinations like Koh Samui, where some of best white sand beaches in the world can be found, and with a ton of relaxation treatments at your beck and call (including the world famous Thai massage, which will knead all the tension out of your life-weary body).

3) Saint Lucia

There’s just something about the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea that has a soothing effect on the human body when you are merely in its presence, and when you include the lush mountainous isle of Saint Lucia in the mix, you have the recipe for the spa holiday you have been seeking for so long.

In addition to the five star resorts found here and the world class beaches that you will no doubt spend plenty of time reclining on, there are curative hot springs contained within its interior, which will allow you to loosen up even more after a full-on massage session.

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