Our time, our travels: retiring to explore the world

Retiring to explore the world is a goal of many boomers

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Many of us have ambitions to visit many destinations around the world and explore all of the different cultures, but the problem is often getting the time to tick these venues of our bucket list.

Retirement offers the perfect opportunity to go exploring. It might be that you want to decide to head to the hills and explore the rugged landscapes in something suitable like a Jeep Cherokee, and you might also have some plans to see what the rest of the world has to offer too.

Travel can mean whatever you want it to

Retirement really is a golden age in your life, where you are free from the commitment of raising a family and you no longer have to worry about work commitments. Now that you are, you can make use of sites like http://www.libertycentral.org.uk/ to plan the trip of your dreams.

When it comes to making travel plans, how you have lived your life up to this point and what your ambitions are, can vary between each person. If you are lucky enough to have been able to travel extensively throughout your working life, retirement presents an excellent opportunity to visit some favorite destinations that you have been longing to return to for years.

If you have been too busy with work and family life to visit all of the places that you are interested in around the world, retirement also represents your chance to seize the moment and make some plans that you can work with now you are retired and the family is grown up.

Approach the prospect of travel as a senior

The obvious downside attached to extensive world travel as a senior, is that you are obviously not as young as you once were, and that means that there might be some physical and health limitations to consider.

The prospect of traveling when you are a senior might seem a bit daunting to some, but the travel industry has adapted to the growing demands of older travelers and many now offer tours and vacations that are designed to provide you with the experiences you are looking for, but facilities and an itinerary that reflects your potential need for a less arduous schedule.

Trying to put together your own holiday schedule is not always as easy as you might expect it to be, when you consider the difference that the internet has made to all of our lives. But at least you have the choice, of either putting everything together yourself or using a group travel option where you travel with like-minded people and every part of the journey is taken care of already.

Great savings to be had

You will no doubt be aware of how the cost of a holiday can rise in line with school recess times, but the advantage of being retired means that you are more likely to be free to travel any week you like, which opens up access to some pretty deep off-peak discounts.

On top of that bonus, seniors often getting discounts on a range of different things, just for being over the retirement age, so take advantage of all of these over 65’s perks and start planning your travel adventures.

Toby Preston is a retired accountant who is enjoying spending extended time with his young grandchildren and exploring the world with his wife, Lynn. They went to Canada last year and are planning an extended trip to Asia for next year. As you can see, retiring to explore the world is a realistic and attainable goal.

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