A romantic blast at Lizard Island Australia

Lizard Island Australia is quite beautiful ... photo by CC user doctorow on Flickr

Going on a romantic holiday doesnt have to be far or overly remote. If youre a city lover, chances are that remote places shock you. Well, theres just a place in Australia thats going to shock you but in a good way. The Lizard Island is seated just on top of the Great Barrier Reef; its basically just 10 square kilometers of granite island surrounded by splendid fringing reef sporting about 24 powdery white sand beaches. Mind you, this island is a prestigious destination so if youre into high-end stuff, this is the perfect island to moor your yacht. This is also one of the most luxurious islands offering the best destination for romantic holidays.

If the idea of the fringing reef doesnt excite you, well let me put it this way; divers are excited whenever they see fringing reefs because it only means theres practically an amazing array of marine life to see on its waters. Before we get to that part, allow me to brief you about the islands history first.

The name of the island is literal in a sense, because there are no other animals on the island except lizards when Captain Cook discovered it on 12 August 1770. However, the islands Aboriginal inhabitants, the Dingiil call the island as Jiigurru. Basically, the island was a sacred place to them and serves as their place for initiating their young males and also for the harvesting of shellfish, turtles, dugongs and fish. Nowadays, the strict laws governing the marine life in the Great Barrier Reef, prevents anyone from fishing rare animals such as the dugong and turtles although, youre free to see them on your diving trips.

So much for heritage, theres not much to do on the island except explore, enjoy and explore some more. Its a mix of beach life, diving, dining, and then repeat. Otherwise, its simply called having fun at its finest in a laid-back way. Because the Lizard Island is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs, ribbon, and lagoon reefs, snorkeling and scuba diving should become major parts of your travel itinerary.

Moreover, the 24 powder white sand beaches are simply superb in every way; you can even explore them all at once considering the islands small size. There are other activities too aside from soaking and basking in the sun. You can go on a boat trip with a glass bottom to see majestic and colorful fishes thriving on the islands reef. Although this may not be that exciting compared to snorkeling and diving, it gives you large coverage of the entire island, thus making it a worthwhile experience.

The islands scuba diving is what really shines amongst its visitors practically because of its proximity to another amazing diving spot named Cod Hole, which is the best-known diving location in the Great Barrier Reef. You can hire a boat to get there; most resorts have their boats. The highlight of diving in Cod Hole is getting face to face with a massive yet curious Potato Cod amongst other splendid marine life proliferating in the Great Barrier Reef.

For your romantic needs, the best way is to hire a motorized dinghy to get to the secluded and pristine beaches such as the Watsons Bay. Treat your loved one by camping on its grounds; its truly a wonderful experience that youll never forget.

Finally, please take time to secure your ESTA Visa (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) to have a smooth travel experience.

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