Splitting the Costs: How Travel with Friends Can Help You Go on Your Dream Vacation


A dream vacation is just that for many people – a dream. But, why does it have to be that way? You’ve worked hard. You deserve a holiday. Thankfully, most dream vacations aren’t as expensive as you might think. The trick to making them work is often just a little advanced  preparation.

Share Car and Fuel Money

Petrol is expensive, and rental car fees can add up. That’s why sharing both can lower the cost of your vacation. If you’re single, this is easy – split the cost between you and a friend (or several). The more, the merrier. It’ll make your friendship stronger, especially if you choose an exotic or “dangerous”holiday.

Visit some place that’s out of the ordinary, like Cappadocia, Turkey. The atmosphere here feels like you’re on a different planet. And, while you’re not in any actual danger, it will kind of feel like it.

If you have a family, try splitting the cost with another family. That’s going to be a little difficult if you have to travel by plane, but a rental vehicle can be split if you get something large, like an SUV or a crossover than can carry two families.

Share A Hotel

Hotels are another major expense that can evaporate holiday dreams quicker than water in the Sahara. Sharing a hotel room, though, can cut down on costs dramatically. If you find hotel deals online, through discount travel sites, you can push the lodging costs down even further.

With discount deals, shopping online is definitely the way to go. These discount sites allow you to search for deals weeks in advance. By pre-paying, you pay less than the retail price. Even if you cannot find a decent deal, you can always call the hotel you plan on staying with in advance.

Try to book for the middle of the week, or ask about last minute cancellations. You may be able get an upgrade in your room for free or for a small upcharge. Off-season travel (i.e. not summer and not during national holidays) is also a good way to save money.

If you travel with 2 or 3 friends, you might only pay a couple hundred euros (or pounds) for your entire stay.

Split Large Meals

If you’re not a terribly big eater, you can always order large meals and split everything. Ordering from a buffet makes things even cheaper. However, this trick works even with normal sit-down service.

If possible, book with a hotel that has a stove or at least a microwave so that you can cook meals at the hotel instead of eating out.

When you do eat out, opt for simple food as it tends to be cheaper. The fancier the restaurant, the more complex the food, the more expensive. Choose local foods that are in season, as these will also be cheaper.

Pink Piggy Bank On Top Of A Pile Of One Dollar Bills

Finally, don’t discount (no pun intended) food coupons. Go online and search for discount food coupons where you’ll be staying. You may be surprised to find that the discount niche isn’t just for planes, trains, and automobiles.

Karen Swain caught the travel bug the first time she boarded a plane as a child. Since then she has criss-crossed the globe and loves to blog about the tips and tricks to great travel.