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What To Eat In Rome: Best Food Tours

You can start to undo your belt because right next I’ll be serving you some of the best food tours in Rome that you can’t miss on your visit to the Eternal City. Rome is a city to devour bit by bit, although the key to finding the pizzeria where they make the best artisan […]

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Must try foods in Rio

After trying to find the time in your schedule for some time, you have finally made travel plans to visit Brazil. With your first destination being Rio, you are excited to see all the usual sights, but being an avid foodie, you are even more enthused to sample the food that fuels this nation as […]

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Savouring Majorca’s Unique Flavours!

Majorca relies on its agriculture and tourism to support its economy. And the locals devote much of their time to both trades, even combining the two for inquisitive visitors that want to explore the islands unique flavours. The cuisine on the island is predominantly influenced by the mainland, although Majorcans are proud of their culinary […]

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Five things that British people love

Every nation has its idiosyncrasies. Here are five things Brits love that set us apart from the global crowd. Tea You can keep your lapsang souchong and your frou frou fruit infusions. What Brits want is a proper brew. We want it strong, we want it milky and we want it in a mug. Tea […]

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What to see in NYC

Anyone who has visited or lived in New York will have their own favourite little part of the city that they insist you check out. This list makes no claim on being definitive but it includes ideas for everyone who is taking a trip there. The landmarks These probably need a separate article, if not […]

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6 Foods You Must Try in Malaysia

Every country has their thing. The Brits have their tea and biscuits, the Brazilians have their football, the Thais have their temples and cheap Bangkok hotels and the Malaysians….the Malaysians have their food. An enticing mix of Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, native Malay and Thai, Malaysian cuisine is justly famous, and the Malaysians take their food culture seriously. The […]

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