What To Eat In Rome: Best Food Tours

The pasta is a given when it comes to what to eat in Rome ... photo by CC user Ed Hawco via wikimedia commons

You can start to undo your belt because right next I’ll be serving you some of the best food tours in Rome that you can’t miss on your visit to the Eternal City. Rome is a city to devour bit by bit, although the key to finding the pizzeria where they make the best artisan pizza in town or that café where la nona prepares a Tiramisú that will blow your mind, you won’t find it in tourist guides, but through its people, the Romans themselves.

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Cook authentic Italian food in a traditional house

What you can eat inside a restaurant in a hidden bucolic square in Rome is very good, but if you really want to get to know the essence of Italian cuisine, then get into an Italian kitchen. And at Castel Gandolfo, a lovely town just 18 km from Rome, Michele, a real connoisseur of good food, opens up for you the doors of his idyllic home in the middle of the Roman countryside next to Lake Albano to teach you how to prepare (and taste) authentic Italian food. Fresh and seasonal products, a spectacular wine from cellars local to the region, a terrace with views… If this is not like music to your ears I recommend a McDonalds in the Piazza di Spagna.


Lose yourself in the scents and colors of the Roman markets

Markets in Rome are an authentic paradise for any foodie. Whether you’re looking for the largest zucchini flowers to prepare a delicious plate of pasta or a bite of pecorino cheese fresh from the sheep, you will find a market with the freshest products in any rioni (neighborhood). In the Campagna Amica Market you have local products from nearby, which are truly wonderful and authentic (vegetables with a spectacular color, olive oil, pasta, meat)… Mamma mia!! You also have to drop by the Testaccio market, which is very traditional but has been recently relocated in the city (next to the MACRO museum) and where you can get some sandwiches to take away. In short, you will salivate.

Learn how to make an authentic hand made ice cream in Trastevere

Visiting Rome and not having an ice cream is a cardinal sin. Plunge into Italian culture and cuisine while you prepare your own ice cream with a true ice cream craftswoman in the bucolic Roman quarter of Trastevere. Its ice cream shop, Fiori di Luna, is one of the most emblematic of Rome, there, you can get to know some of their secrets and family recipes (you may laugh at the secret of Coca Cola) but it might just be you who creates your very own “gelato”. Top quality raw material, family tradition and a lot of love are the ingredients of this sweet experience that introduces you to the world of Italian ice cream. Yes, it’s true, you will never want to eat another gelato besides yours.

Enjoy the pleasure of having a good coffee in…

For the Italians coffee is a part of their life, it’s like a lingering aroma that surrounds them from sunrise until the moon goes down. The bars and the cafés are their temples and there are so many in Rome that just choosing one is very difficult. But if there is any place where a lover of good coffee should go, it’s the Rosati. Tradition, elegance and with one of the best views of the Piazza del Popolo, in the Rosati you can delight in one of the best coffees in the world while relishing a homemade tiramisu from another planet. Although there’s nobody like Daniela, expert and lover of good coffee, to take you to the best cafés in the city.

A wine bar on the steps of Piazza di Spagna

After climbing the steps of Piazza di Spagna or going shopping in the stores of Via Condotti, relax with a glass of wine in the Enoteca Antiga. There is only standing room along the long wooden bar and some tables in the back side of this bar with atmospheric lighting, with its wooden beams and bottles on the walls. Cheers!

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