The Costa Rican Paradise

Just pronouncing this beautiful name, Costa Rica, makes you smile and dream about a nice, sweet getaway. It makes you want to think about booking a holiday as soon as possible and get a lovely Costa Rican sun tan.

Costa Rica gets its reference as the Switzerland of Central America because of its luxury lifestyle, peaceful democracy and overwhelming natural landscapes. The country has a full cast of exotic creatures – ranging from howler monkeys to toucans which are relatively easy to spot.

San Jose, Costa Rica (creative commons)

San Jose, Costa Rica (creative commons)

The waves are ideal for surfing, the natural sights are staggering and the sulky pace seductive. Costa Rica is a peaceful oasis in a tumultuous region and draws numerous visitors every year. Costa Rica is majestically situated from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, at a distance of barely 200 miles. No other place in the world has such an amount of fields with such a variety of landscapes and climates as here.

Travel activities in Costa Rica

Active travelers will definitely find Costa Rica super attractive. They can surf, hike, snorkel or spot wildlife for starters. Because of its incredibly varied topography you can cruise the cloud forest one day, sight-see an active volcano the next, and finish sunbathing on a hot sandy beach.

Sport activities, Monteverde, Costa Rica (creative commons)

Sport activities, Monteverde, Costa Rica (creative commons)

Adrenaline junkies have different opportunities to make their mothers worry. Positive result is guaranteed if they try zipping through canopy lines hundreds of meters long and riding the rough surf of the Pacific. Any other activities will get their inspiration after the arrival on the Costa Rican earth.

You don’t have to go to Costa Rica for water sports or thrillilng adventure activities. Imagine beautiful rainforest, classy beautiful beaches, little Amazonian landscapes, plants and nature everywhere you go, active volcanoes and of course something for those who indulge on simple pleasures of life, like food and drinks. Various coffee assortments, tropical drinks and exotic flavoured foods combined with thousand of cosmetic products made of natural ingredients.

Specially designed massaging rooms provide an ideal climate, enriched by stimulating decorations, soothing music and ambient sounds from nature, sea or forest animals, where you can enjoy a therapeutic experience.

Costa Rica is one of the top rated tourist destinations in this planet. This small piece of land has all of the necessary ingredients to satisfy the taste of thousands of travellers visiting each year.