Managing the logistics of a trip to Walt Disney World

Taking care of the logistics of a trip to Walt Disney World will make this scene much more enjoyable

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As fun as taking a trip to Walt Disney World can be, there is a lot of planning that needs to go into that journey, as there are many factors you need to consider if your family is to have a great time.

Here’s what you should plan for before you board your flight to Orlando.

1) Pre-buy your tickets online

Walt Disney World is one of the world’s most popular family theme parks. As such, it is vital to plan ahead when it comes to procuring tickets.

If you wait until you go, you might get your heart broken if you roll up to the front gate in high season, as passes can sell out in advance.

As such, one of the best travel hacks we advocate for a trip to Walt Disney World is to get your tickets online before you go.

All you have to do is pick your dates, pay via credit card, and then you’ll get a printable digital copy months ahead of your trip.

You can also make dinner reservations months ahead of time if you are staying at one of the resorts within the confines of the park, so if there is a place you really want to try, we advise doing so.

2) Prepare to walk … a lot

Each of the Walt Disney parks covers a lot of real estate, so if you are out of shape, now would be a good time to start getting into shape.

You might not realize it, but in an effort to see and do everything, the average guest walks between six to thirteen miles per day when visiting one of the parks at Walt Disney World.

As such, it is vital to make sure that your shoes fit properly, or else you’ll be developing some nasty blisters towards the end of your stay.

3) Bring rain gear during the wet season

Although the Orlando area isn’t technically in the tropics, it possesses most of the characteristics of this part of the world.

Suffice to say, it rains a lot in Central Florida between the months of May and September, and even outside those months, the occasional short downpour can occur from time to time.

Don’t pack the thick raincoat you have from back home, as you will boil underneath it in the thick humidity that is common down there.

Instead, buy enough ponchos for everyone in your travel party and pack them in your daypacks so that they can be quickly deployed in case the heavens suddenly open up.

4) Protect yourself from the sun

The rain isn’t the only threat in Central Florida. Its southern latitude means that the sun is that much stronger as compared to the north, making the application of proper sun protection vital.

Pack sunblock of at least 30 SPF, and apply skin care products with sun protection factor as well to defend yourself from burns, and wear sunglasses to defend your eyes.

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