The Top Reasons To Visit Poland

Poland has emerged as a vastly popular tourist destination in recent years as it many eastern European nations have joined the EU within the last 10 or 20 years. This means certain standards for many facets of life must be adhered to. Poland would be considered central Europe and this is a good designation. Kind of western Europe, kind of Eastern Europe. Poland is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, but you won’t be sacrificing quality of life, safety, infrastructure, etc., so you really win on a trip to ole’ Polski. So, to Poland we go!


One may even call it “UNESCO World”!

One of the top reasons to visit Poland is that this country has an interestingly high number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This makes every cent worth it when it comes to indulging on wonderful unique landmarks. The Krakow Market Square is a pretty mainstream type of special landmark but if one is looking for something that is out-of-this-world spectacular, the most recommended place is the Wielizcka Salt Mine, which is practically an underground city.

Are You Looking to Let Loose?

Krakow in recent years has become of the biggest stag party destinations on the entire continent. It’s well connected with the rest of Europe via air and rail, is cheap and has plenty of things to do to keep a gaggle of dudes entertained for a long weekend. Definitely go to Krakow for their stag dos if you’ve got a buddy getting hitched in the near future.

Are you a connoisseur of medieval castles?

There are plenty of medieval castles in Poland, which pretty much gives a basic explanation of how dangerous it is to be in the crossroads between the Orient and Western world in medieval times. Like England, castles in Poland also come in varieties. There are those that are newly renovated and there are also those that retain blemishes that increase their historical value over time. Exploring these castles is a great reason to visit Poland alone.

Food: taste the best for every season

When it comes to food, Poland has certain dishes that stand out depending on the season. Autumn in particular is a season for mushrooms and meals based on these edible fungi are highly recommended.  Fishes can be a delightful delicacy during summer. Poland is also famous for its pastries and cakes. But decent food would not be properly enjoyed without Poland’s excellent drinks. Flavorful beer and delicate vodka are available in pubs and liquor shops.

Diversity in music genre and holidays

Poland prides itself on its unique music and holiday diversity. One can listen to various types of music depending on the mood of the event and the taste of the individual. Snowy Christmas and festive Easter would be a good time to listen to the sound of early medieval Christian hymns or modern cross-over opera. Town squares are also excellent venues for a rock concert or, if one strays into Gdansk Old Town, hear the sounds of harmonica and violin played according to the traditions of late medieval troubadours. Jazz music can be enjoyed in many restaurants and bars as well.


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