Travel Insurance for the Over 80’s

Travelling is not the kind of activity to be dependent on any kind of age, gender or religion. In fact, more and more people out there choose to travel when they retire and when they have plenty of time to make this dream of theirs come true.

If you or someone dear to you has reached the honourable age of 80, you will definitely have to keep in mind that travel insurance is an option you should never rule out completely. Travel insurance can be very useful at any age – but even more so for the senior members of the society.

Senior Couple in Love (creative commons)

Senior Couple in Love (creative commons)

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance in Your 80’s?

Travel insurance for the over 80’s can save you from a lot of trouble, especially when travelling abroad. If your flight gets cancelled, if you lose your luggage, if you lose your medication or any other important paperwork, travel insurance can cover for the loss and help you out when you are in a foreign country.

Yes, it is more than advisable that you do get travel insurance no matter what age you are at. However, you should do this in a very conscientious way and you should always make sure to research every bit of information when it comes to this. You need to make the best and most affordable choice, so make ensure yourself that you don’t jump into the first insurance provider’s “net”.

Happy Women (Creative commons)

Happy Women (Creative commons)

Are There Any Issues for Seniors when it comes to Travel Insurance?

Generally speaking, travel insurance companies assume that by the time you have reached your 80s you will have had a history of medical illnesses on your back. This is why some of them may charge you more than normally and this is why some companies even refuse people who are over 80 years old.

However, you don’t need to worry, since there are many other companies who can provide you with the insurance policy you need. These companies specialize in senior travel insurances and they will know precisely what you need.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the fact that many travel agencies will charge the insurance together with the cost of your travel package. This is to be avoided, as it can end up costing much more than buying separate insurance.

Furthermore, bear in mind the fact that a long-term, annual insurance policy is much more profitable if you plan on travelling on a longer period of time. Again, agencies specializing in travel insurance policies for the senior citizens should be able to help with that as well.

Aside from that, stay safe and have fun! You have been working a lot for this and you do deserve to see the world just as you have always dreamed it!