The weirdest and most wonderful locations Airbnb has brought to the table

It’s something that’s revolutionized the way we look for accommodation – and Airbnb doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

You only have to take a look at some of the views of Brian Ferdinand to see how this platform has revolutionized the vacations rental industry – and made it progress at a rate that absolutely nobody expected.

However, while it is undoubtedly a powerhouse for the industry, it’s sometimes worth stepping back and taking a look at some of the finer details within it. In other words, if you scour the listings themselves, you’ll soon see that there are some weird and wonderful listings that just make the whole platform even more intriguing.

Well, you’ve guessed it, we’re now going to mull over some of these listings and highlight the ones which have caught our attention the most. Brace yourself, some of these might take you by surprise…

Private islands

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this type of listing is that it’s actually coming more popular. In other words, you can tend to have a “choice” of private islands on Airbnb if that’s your thing.

While most people are under the assumption that you’d have to sell your house to afford a night here, it’s not necessarily the case. Some of the private islands are available from just a few hundred dollars per night and with destinations being as exotic as Belize, you really can take advantage of your surroundings as well.

The one meter square house

They say that size doesn’t matter and in the case of this one meter square house in Berlin, it better not. This “house” was seemingly put together with an old playhouse and the best part is the versatility; stand it up, or put it on its side to enjoy a nap.

For those looking to do Berlin on a budget, it’s the ultimate accommodation. At $14 a night, even the cheapest hostel can’t compete and at least you’re provided with a private room!

An aircraft

Next on the list is something significantly bigger than the previous listing, although let’s put a disclaimer out there that you’re not going to be sitting in style on the new Airbus. Of course, for just short of $500 a night, this should be expected.

Instead, this aircraft is fixed in the Netherlands and has been completely renovated. It has absolutely everything you could wish for; ranging from a Jacuzzi, sauna to a kitchenette.

A gingerbread house

Unfortunately, this last listing we’re going to talk about isn’t the “real deal”, so to speak. Nevertheless, when we found this gingerbread house in Geyserville, California, it certainly sparked our attention.

It looks every bit like a gingerbread house, with the glass seemingly stained with a candy-like substance while the roof is edged with frosting. Of course, it’s not exactly gingerbread, but if you’re looking to dive back into your childhood it will make quite the experience.

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