Welcome to St Tropez

From time to time we all need that one vacation that will pamper our senses to the fullest! We deserve a nice treat after all the stress we absorb in our bodies in our daily life. And what better way to do that than to leave all our worries at home and book a trip to the extravagant and flamboyant St Tropez?

Considered to be a high class luxury travel destination, in fact, this French Riviera hot spot is a place for everyone and for every pocket. If you plan your trip wisely and start saving some money in advance, then all you’ll need for this trip are a passport for fun, a light luggage and your traveller insurance, just to keep things safe.

The glitz and glamour of the rich and famous lifestyle have made this place so popular among tourists. Everybody is dying to see a celebrity or to sip a nice coffee at just two feet away from their favorite star. For better sights you should opt for Nikki beach, Les Caves du Roy and La voile Rouge.

St Tropez ( creative commons)

St Tropez ( creative commons)

But St Tropez isn’t just all about flashes and luxury. You can have a wonderful time if you rent a place for your own far away from the crowded centre or even opt for a tent. Many people that prefer to connect with the nature choose this type of accommodation. You’ll have full access to pools and special areas designed for your needs. And of course, you’ll cut your expenses a lot.

There are numerous shopping areas where you can find every major collection from internationally known designers but if you came here for a relaxing holiday then skip the shopping and visit some lovely art museums, like Musee de L’Annonciade. There you can delight your eyes with some lovely pieces by Signac. Even though St. Tropez is rather known for its luxury than for its art collections, there is a great chance for you to find a cheap accommodation and enjoy some inspiring pieces of art while in St. Tropez. So… never say never.

St Tropez is the ideal place for long relaxing walks and stunning landscapes. People are more easy going here and this is their way of escaping the reality and entering a new world! Welcome to St Tropez!