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Free Things To Do in London

Yes the food and drink are over-priced and travel costs are frightfully high, but the British capital makes up for all that by having more free things to do than perhaps any other city in the world. Once you decide where to stay in London, you would probably need months to do participate in the hundreds of London’s […]

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The Costa Rican Paradise

Just pronouncing this beautiful name, Costa Rica, makes you smile and dream about a nice, sweet getaway. It makes you want to think about booking a holiday as soon as possible and get a lovely Costa Rican sun tan. Costa Rica gets its reference as the Switzerland of Central America because of its luxury lifestyle, […]

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Hitting the Travel Wall – What to Do When You’ve Had Enough

It happens to the best of us. The Long-Term Travel Wall Moment. That awful moment where after months of being effortlessly propelled forward and onwards and upwards by some invisible force, you suddenly, inexplicably, run out of steam. You’re tired and you can’t remember what you are doing or why you are doing it, and […]

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48 Hours in…..Madrid

With great weather, great food,  beautiful buildings, three of the best art museums in the world, amazing nightlife and what have to be some of the friendliest, most welcoming city-dwellers in Europe, Madrid is the ideal city for a fun-filled weekend away. Friday Night Kick off your whirlwind romance with the Spanish capital by enjoying […]

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Why Ditching the Travel Guide Might Be Good for You

Exactly two months into my 15 month solo trip round India and Asia, I lost my Lonely Planet. A friend had given me a Kindle as a farewell gift, and it was loaded with novels, travel classics and enough guidebooks to get me across the Subcontinent, through South East Asia and out the other side. I […]

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Luxurious Adventure Travel

Travelling is all about making a journey to fulfill your dreams and discover true beauty. More and more travelers are seeking luxury holidays to make their journey a wonderful adventure that will leave them with outstanding memories. Exotic destinations and full time holiday packages are the perfect qualities to turn a trip into an irresistible adventure. Although luxury is […]

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