Luxurious Adventure Travel

Travelling is all about making a journey to fulfill your dreams and discover true beauty. More and more travelers are seeking luxury holidays to make their journey a wonderful adventure that will leave them with outstanding memories.

Exotic destinations and full time holiday packages are the perfect qualities to turn a trip into an irresistible adventure.

Although luxury is not a cheap holiday option, who said that money counts when you are in a fancy restaurant in Buenos Aires zipping a premium Merlot wine? This is what luxury travelling is all about: having a taste of that piece of culture and making it your own personal adventure.

Café Tortoni (creative commons)

Café Tortoni (creative commons)

Many tour operators offer amazing luxury holidays all over the world. Destinations can range from South America, Central America to Africa, South East Asia and the Caribbean. Europe has its own potential while Dubai and Oman are the top ones because of the eternal hot weather.

Once- in- a- lifetime holiday getaways

From sailing through the beautiful remote islands of the Indonesian archipelago to flying over the spectacular landscapes of Namibia or discovering the surreal, blemish white Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, there are many option for exploring the planet’s last frontiers. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and escape the routine. Sometimes an escapade to a luxury adventure journey is the best cure for daily worries and a stressful lifestyle.

Go by yourself or take you family with you and make a lovely experience for everybody to enjoy. Sun bathing on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica or enjoying some of those 1001 Arabian nights will definitely give you and you’re entire family something to talk about over the next years and recover that strong connection. Every member will find something pleasant to do because these tailor made journeys usually have all sort of extra activities well designed to carry out everyone’s expectations.

Paradise Harbour Antarctica (creative commons)

Paradise Harbor Antarctica (creative commons)

If you are into boating or rail holidays there is no need to worry. The icy breathtaking cruises through the waters of Antarctica and the incredible wildlife cruises through the Galapagos Islands will make you catch the wind in your sail. Take into consideration the spectacular scenery and the ever-changing views and you will get a glimpse of what adventure is all about: losing yourself in order to find yourself again in a better and more relaxed version.