Solo travel – a self discovery passport

Sometimes you feel the urge to just escape from the daily routine and book a trip somewhere where you can forget about problems and have a wonderful, relaxing time. But there is a big issue: I cannot go by myself, what is the point to go on a trip if I don’t have anybody to share my experiences? Well, don’t worry anymore. There is a solution for everything and in this case it is called solo travel.

Solo Travel means time for you spent with yourself

Solo travel is a unique experience. It allows you to enjoy a place without others interfering and having to adjust to others schedules. It gives you time for introspection and personal growth.

Solo beach travel (creative commons)

Solo beach travel (creative commons)

You can choose the perfect destination, get the holiday package you want, stay where you want and do the activities you desire. Nobody will make your agenda. Sometimes we spend so much time on others and forget about ourselves. This is the purpose of solo travelling, that you spend time with yourself.


Where should you go?

Because you travel single it is clear that you can go wherever your heart desires. Try to find out what your needs are or where you have always dreamed to go on a holiday vacation. Don’t necessarily make your plans according to your budget. This is the perfect time to indulge yourself and to make a small arrogance. Visit the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica; take a soulful trip to Nepal, book a riverboat trip in Laos, try an exotic country like Malaysia or Vietnam, visit the Egyptian pyramids, take a Europe Tour, everything that you choose will be just fine because it is your own private getaway.

Solo travel- a ticket to freedom

 Remember you are on your own but you are not alone. Solo travelling has developed so much in the past years that many people are booking special tour packages and travel agencies have outstanding offers. From beautiful itineraries to special solo accommodations you can find something suitable for your taste.

Solo travel Mueller Glacier, New Zeeland (creative commons)

Solo travel Mueller Glacier, New Zeeland (creative commons)

Travelling solo means having the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and make new connections. And why not, find your soul mate? You never know where on this Globe he or she might be. Take some action and book a solo journey. You won’t regret it!