7 Incredible Wildlife Holidays You’ll Never Forget


Every once in a while you need to take a vacation that is unforgettable. Exploring nature and its millions of other inhabitants is a great holiday that you’ll never forget.

Animal Conservation In South Africa

South Africa is known as the home of the big 5. The big 5 are the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the wild buffalo, and the rhinoceros. You can participate in volunteering projects to build better homes for these animals and more. You can help plant trees and plants and remove plants that don’t belong. You can work with elephants in a sanctuary. You can help on wild game drives to move them to new areas and many other things.

Bird Watching In Bhutan

Bhutan is a small kingdom on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas and it is a great experience for anyone who is interested in ornithology. The peak time to view birds is from mid March to late May. There are more than seven hundred different species to look for. There are plenty of local guides to show you the best bird viewing areas. You may even catch a glimpse of rare birds like Black-Necked Crane.

Spirit Bears in Canada

Take a trip to Spirit Bear Lodge in Klemtu, BC for a chance to see the elusive Spirit Bear as well as wolves, to Grizzly Bears, and Black Bears. This temperate rainforest also offers a great chance to explore village sites and architecture from the First Nations people that still live in the area.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Dian Fossy did most of her gorilla research in the mountains of Rwanda, Africa. Now there are tour companies that offer trekking to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. You can learn how to track them and may get a chance to interact with these gentle giants.

The Galapagos Islands

Charles Darwin based his theory of evolution on this fascinating island 900 km off the coast of Ecuador. You will be amazed by the many species of animals, flora, and fauna, and that exist here. Hang out with giant tortoises that are over one hundred years old. See marine iguanas that have gills and lungs.

Cruising The Amazon River

The Amazon River is more than 10,000 km long and it winds through the rainforests of Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. All of these countries offer adventures to tour this exciting river. You may spot a Cayman, a pink dolphin, or a school of piranha. Keep your eyes on the banks and you may see jaguar, sloths, monkeys, or a 4 meter long Anaconda lying in the sun. This is one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth and you never know what you might see.

Animals in Australia

Australia hosts a fascinating amount of animals that live nowhere else on earth. You can view Koala Bears, Platypus, Kangaroos, dingoes, Wombats, and Tasmanian Devils. There are also many snakes, lizards, birds, insects, and arachnids to watch for. Australia is home to some of the deadliest snakes and spiders in the world so be careful where you put your feet.




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