4 Incredible Destinations for Thrill Seekers


It is pretty easy to spot a thrill seeker. They are the ones in the boardroom day dreaming of being anywhere else but there. They spend their weekends experiencing new adventures and they begin planning their vacations months in advance so they can figure out the most thrilling things to experience. Being active on vacation is one of the best ways to bond with friends and family. Here are 4 incredible destinations for thrill seekers.

The Alps

The Alps cover a distance of 1200km in Europe and they stretch over 8 countries between France and Albania. It is a fabulous destination for thrill seekers no matter what time of year. In the summer you can hike, rock climb, or try paragliding, white water rafting, summer skiing or ice climbing. In the winter you can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, ride tubes down hills or try ice climbing. You can rent a ski chalet here to relax in after a long day of thrill-seeking.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a fabulous destination for thrill seekers and it is the home of the first bungee jumping company. You can also traverse stunning glaciers that are located on the Southern Alps in the South Island. The Fox and Franz Joseph are the two most commonly visited glaciers and they are simply awe inspiring. The best way to explore them is to sign up for a guided ice walk. You can also catch a ride on a helicopter that will drop you on the glacier to hike. The Tasman Glacier, the largest glacier in New Zealand, is about 4 hours from Christchurch. You can get some really nice views of the Tasman by taking a boat trip on the terminal lake.


The Jebel Toubkal Ascent in Morocco is 4176 meters high at the summit and it’s the highest peak in North Africa. This is a challenging climb so you must be in good shape to complete it. The trek travels through the Berber villages and you can interact with the people who live there. Their lives have changed very little in the past few hundred years and it is a fascinating look at history. Morocco is one of the best places to have an adventure and this trek is full of rewarding views that will leave you inspired by the beauty of nature.


Nepal is a fabulous place for thrill seekers who want to trek in the Himalayas. Nepal is the home of Mt. Everest which is the highest peak in the world and the Everest Base Camp is a very popular trek. The Annapurna Base Camp and the Poon Hill are also very popular. The Manslu Circuit is a 16 to 18 day hike. The trek has improved a lot in recent years and it is gaining popularity. The trek is in a restricted area which means that trekkers will pay a weekly fee but the number of trekkers will be restricted. Hiking in Nepal in the winter is a great time to go. There are fewer hikers this time of the year and the temperatures drop below 0 at night but they can go as high as 20 degrees during the day.




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