Top 3 Alternative Destinations For Your 2017 Vacation

The summer is fast approaching, have you booked up for your vacation yet? If not then we have brought you some of the most exciting locations in the World for you to consider when choosing where you will go this summer. Deciding on where to go can be tough so you to make your decision that little bit easier, here are our top 3 location tips where you can enjoy a memorable summer vacation.

Hot and Luxurious Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a place like no other, set in the middle of the desert this city has it all, quite literally and regardless of what type of vacation you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Dubai. If you decide to experience a holiday in Dubai then you will be signing up to see the tallest building in the World, an entire archipelago in the shape of a palm tree which was built with human hands, take a camel ride through the desert sands and even go skiing down an mountain on real snow, in the middle of a shopping center. Dubai is all about extravagance, excess and you will have a great time here.

Historic and Modern Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is growing into the modern world at an alarming rate, on the one hand it is beautifully historic and filled with rich cultural settings and traditions, on the other it is a thoroughly modern metropolis with upmarket bars and restaurants, vast public spaces and well functioning infrastructure. If you are looking for somewhere just a little different for you vacation this year then Mexico’s capital makes for a great choice. Over 150 museums, incredible cuisine, activities and historic sites aplenty and locals waiting with open arms, if you haven’t been to Mexico City yet then this should be the year you go.

Unknown Paradise, La Ceiba, Honduras

Honduras, much like other parts of Central America has an understandable reputation as being dangerous but it is important to remember that the danger which exists, actually exists in just two cities in the south of the country. In the north there is an incredible jungle location which so rarely gets talked about. La Ceiba is on the northern coast of Honduras where just inland lies the national park of Pica Bonito with the Cangrejal river swooping through its heart. Here you will find tranquility, stunning landscapes and lots of adventures to go on as well as having the option of beach relaxation just minutes away, don’t believe the hype, Honduras is beautiful.

There are so many outstanding locations all over the World that heading to the same place each year or the same kind of place each year does these places a great injustice. Why not take our advice this year and mix it up a little with a location that you have never been before and one that can give you a vacation which you are unlikely to forget for a very long time.


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