5 Reasons Why A Cruise Vacation Could Be For You

In the past, the idea of going on a cruise was considered as something that was only done by those over the age of 65. For sure, it was this age group that took up most of the spots on a cruise, but it was by no means a form of vacation that was exclusive to the World’s OAPs. In recent years however, times have changed and cruises offer all types and all ages of tourists, a fantastic way to take a vacation. If you have any doubts about a cruise then here are 10 reasons why it could be for you.


The number of locations that you will see on a cruise is one of the biggest draws for me, you will not just be traveling by ship to one place, you will take in many different locations. If you go on an Alaskan cruise for example then you’ll be able to take in the very best of the Rockies from places like Banff as well as seeing scenic places like the Inside Passage. Equally, a European cruise could see you visit Spain, Italy, Portugal and France all in one trip, this level of locations in a single tour is by far one of the best ways to spend a vacation.

Vacation Within a Vacation

A cruise ship is not like an airplane in that you only use it as a vessel to travel, far from it in fact and cruise ships these days are fully geared up to attend all of your needs. As you travel from location to location you can relax in the pool, dine in style, go clubbing or even do a spot of shopping. Not a bad way to spend your travel time and many in fact enjoy the cruise ship as much as the location they are going to.


Traveling through deep waters will give you the chance to see some fantastic marine life from whales to dolphins, in their natural habitat. You never know what you will see rising from the depths and if you get lucky then you may see some amazing sights as you travel.

The Price

Cruises have a reputation of being expensive but this is simply not the case, firstly, prices have come down dramatically in recent years and secondly, the value for money is incredible. There are options like first class which will set you back a hefty amount but for those looking to pay less, you can still have an amazing time even on the lowest fare. When you think that for your money you will see many different locations and be able to enjoy all that the ship offers, you realize that in reality, it is not expensive at all.

For Something Different

It is always good to take a vacation that you’ve never taken before, see places you’ve never seen and experience things that you never have. If you are looking for a vacation that is different to your average fortnight in the sunshine laying on a beach then look no further than a multi-country cruise.

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