5 Stunning Attractions in New York

New York often referred to as New York is a world-famous city located in the United States of America. The city is known for its skyscrapers and tourist attractions. The city is located at that borough where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. There are number of attractions that allow the tourists to spend quality time. There are several hotels in New York that are affordable and provide a calm ambiance. Some of the major attractions of New York City are as follows. These can also be referred to as “things to do in New York”

  1. Empire State Building

Once the tallest building of the world Empire State is a famous landmark of New York. The fact is that New York is incomplete without Empire State. It is 381 m long and has 102 stories. Corporate offices and headquarters of famous American brands are located here. There are two observatories located atop this stunning building. First one is located on 86th floor and the second one is at the top of this building i.e. 102nd floor. From the top most observatories the tourists can see up to the distance of 80 miles. There are high speed elevators which will allow the visitors to reach any point within the building within no time.

  1. Central Park

Without Central Park it is very safe to say that New York would have been nothing else but jungle. Central Park is a point where New Yorkers enjoy. This point adds to the beauty of the city and is popular among the tourists that visit New York. Walking is the best option but if you are short of time then booking a bike tour is recommended. These bikes allow visitors to reach the points in less time. Central Park Zoo and Lake are the major attractions here. The lake is used for paddling in summer and skating in winter.

  1. Museum of Art

Founded in 1870 this famous attraction draws attention of millions from all over the world. The guided tours of this massive art collection are also provided at very reasonable price. According to some experts this place has most precious pieces of art. These pieces have been chosen and even imported from all over the world. There is a branch of this museum in northern Manhattan. Medieval Europe arts and American old arms and ammunition are displayed. In total over 2 million pieces of art are here to lure in the tourists. Ancient Egyptian art and musical instruments are also placed here.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

If you have seen the movie Godzilla part I then just think of the last scene when Godzilla was struck by missiles. That movie scene was shot at the Brooklyn Bridge. Completed in 1883 this bridge is considered to be the first one in the world that is made of steel. It is a landmark that has inspired millions from all over the world. Poets, writers and painters have all used the beauty of this bridge in words though it is not possible to describe it at all. Spanned over East River this bridge is one of the best attractions and guided tours worth every penny.

  1. Statue of Liberty

If you have toured New York but have not visited this famous landmark then you have just wasted your time. It is one of the greatest city and country landmarks. France gifted this enormous structure to America and it was completed in 1886. With a weight of 450,000 pounds this statue gives a good view of lower Manhattan and harbor. Guided tours and boat rides are available. However, it is advised to book the tours in advance. Located on Liberty Island this famous landmark requires a short boat trip. Other famous attractions near this statue are Ellis Island and Battery Park.

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