On the Go Gear: Top Tech Essentials for International Travelers

Do you know about the best Tech Essentials for International Travelers?

Photo by CC user tookapic on Pixabay

With international tourism said to be at an all-time high, more and more people are spending time abroad than ever before. From exploring new places to meeting new people to simply immersing yourself into another culture, traveling has become renowned as a once-in-a-lifetime experience we should all have.

With an average of 1.1 billion people spending at least one night abroad every year, it’s clear to see that a wide variety of people with different traveling expectations are giving it a go. Because of this, the world of technology has come out with a huge array of travel apps and gadgets that tailor to almost every single travel taste and preference, meaning you’re sure to find some tech that suits you no matter where you’re jetting off to! Here are a few of today’s top tech essentials millions of like-minded travelers swear by.

Portable chargers

One of the highlights of traveling is taking photos as you go and keeping your family and friends informed about what you’re experiencing. So, if your phone or camera were to suddenly run out of battery and die, you’d be left with no form of communication which is not only annoying but also dangerous if you’re unsure of exactly where you are.

To avoid this problem, ensure to have a portable charger with you at all times. Portable chargers are usually small and compact so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space (just remember to fully charge it at your nearest power outlet before you leave your accommodation!).

Alarm Clock for Me

Especially when on a short-term trip with limited days available to explore, getting up early and making the most of your time is crucial. Alarm Clock for Me is a simple yet extremely effective Android alarm clock that will not only wake you up at the right time to the sound of your favorite song but also features a mechanism designed to lull you to sleep too.

So, if jet lag has taken effect and you’re struggling to sleep despite wanting to wake up bright and early the next day, this app’s sleep timer will play white noise or relaxing music, both clinically proven to induce sleepiness.

App in the Air

Perfect for those on long-term trips and flying frequently, App in the Air will be your no.1 resource for storing all important flight information. Allowing you to combine your upcoming flights with user-reported tips on the best places to charge your devices, eat, and how long current queues are, you’ll always be prepared and in-the-know for what to expect. Also storing all previous flight information too, you can accurately keep track of exactly how far you’ve traveled and every destination you’ve been to.

Traveling sure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and loved by millions all over the world but, if you don’t properly equip yourself and take advantage of today’s technological advances, you could find yourself in an unnecessarily difficult situation!

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