Recipe for the World’s Greatest Stag Party

Your best mate is getting married and you are looking to throw him a stag party. You have heard about good ones and mundane ones, but to make the world’s greatest Stag Party, you need to do these things:

The Perfect Location

A great stag party can happen in any city anywhere, but the world’s greatest stag party needs a special location. We highly recommend you go to Budapest for a stag weekend. This city has become the stag capital and accommodates attendees in a style other cities cannot match. From the time you step off the plane, your stag weekend begins and the party does not stop until you are back at the airport (if you ever find the airport again that is). During your time there you will be chaperoned around the city and taken to your own and every other hot party in the city. And of course the groom will be treated like a Superstar every minute. While there, in addition to top discotheques and bars by the dozens you can participate in Budapest style partying including:

Budapest Bath Parties (SPArty): They call Budapest the “City of Baths”, as the Hungarian capital is full of beautiful historic baths built by the Romans. Every weekend, these ancient thermal spas are transformed into absolute party palaces, replete with lasers, light shows, live DJs and plenty of booze. A SPArty, happens in the historical Széchenyi Bath and has become an interesting alternative to clubs in the city. Thousands of people visit the legendary parties and dance in bikinis and swimming trunks to house music all night long.

Budapest Boat Parties: There are boat party cruises along the Danube River in Budapest feature loud music, dancing and lots of drink. There is a guarantee a large crowd every week and indoor and outdoor areas available, so regardless of weather conditions our boat parties make for an awesome addition to your Budapest nightlife experience.

Budapest Escape Rooms: Real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Everything in your surroundings could have significant meaning; a scratch on the wall, a set of numbers, a cryptic message in the radio combine the clues, use critical thinking skills and escape the room! Work together with your stag mates. Think fast and beat the clock!

The Perfect Partiers

Your group will probably be pretty eclectic with people from the groom’s life all the way back to high school and ever earlier. From college to family, a stag group can include many people who don’t know each other. It is best to introduce everyone and perhaps even do it on video calls so everyone is comfortable with each other and knows who is who. It also gives you a chance to lay out the full plan for the stag party and get people on board for having a great time. You should do this before you make plans so people feel free to discuss the plans for the stag party openly and they can be sure to be available. Look to push the conversation along and invite input as well. Also find out any special needs form any of the members (food or even medications). And find some responsible ones who can pull things back if (or when) they get out of control.

The Perfect Itinerary

The Perfect Stag Party has a tight agenda laid out for the group. Everyone knows what will happen when and where they are supposed to be. Don’t allow for too many choices or you’ll end up with a plan that’s either too messy or one that doesn’t actually happen. Limited but smart options, ensuring everyone has a good time and gets home safely, will make your stag party memorable.

The Cool Down Period

Plan your stag party so that there is at least one day for everyone to cool down and sober up. Remember, these guys have to go back to their normal lives and some of those lives will contain people who may not fully approve of the weekend’s activities. So give everyone a day to get it back together. For reference please watch any of the Hangover films and you will appreciate wheat this extra day could mean to some members of your party.

Safety Tips

Safety is paramount because you will be in a foreign country. So be cautious and understand and communicate to your group the behaviours that will keep them safe. Keep an eye on everyone and no wandering off alone. Assign partners to ensure everyone is accounted for at all times.

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