Best Cities in The World to Visit in 2017

Not too long ago me and my buddy Mack Prioleau headed off on something of a round-the-World tour, naturally we didn’t see everything but we ticked a hell of a lot of locations and bucket list items off during out trip.

There really is nothing that makes you feel the way that travel can and I had such a great time that I am planning on doing something similar again this year. As much as I love traveling off the beaten track, I also really love city life and I always think that you can see the best side of a country when you get inside its big cities. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites from the trip and some cities which you should think about visiting this year.


Mexico City

One of the coolest cities in the World in my opinion, the city is an absolutely huge, cosmopolitan melting pot of Mexican culture and modern design. The city is cheap to stay in, there are trendy, hip areas like Roma and Condesa where you’ll find a European style dining and cafe scene, there is an amazing Aztec pyramid in the north of the city and in the south you’ll find places like Xochimilco which is like a slice of Venice in the Americas. The city has friendly locals, plenty of wide open spaces and more museums than any other city in the World. An incredible city that you will just fall in love with.


During my time in Europe I was able to spend New Year in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, a small city which feels as though you are still in the middle of the Scottish countryside. The city is dominated by the medieval castle which looms above everything and the city offers the traditional and modern side of Scotland within just a few streets. If you are looking for a beautiful and tranquil city to spend some time in this year then I recommend that you go to Edinburgh. August is festival month in the city and there is a huge comedy and arts festival as well as a Military festival, this is probably going to be the best month for you to go.


I didn’t get to spend too much time in Asia during my travels but I did manage to hit Tokyo and this place is absolutely insane. The city moves at a thousand miles per hour and is filled with flashing lights and bustling noise. Tokyo has a really futuristic fee about it and the city literally never stops. The food here is absolutely outstanding and there is Japanese culinary treasures to be found on every corner. I spent the first few days just walking around with my eyes popping before I even took in any of the tourist locations like the phenomenal botanical garden and the Meiji Shrine. I cannot wait to go back to Tokyo and I urge you to get there on your travels this year.

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