7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hotel

nice hotel room

Trying to find the right hotel room can be a stressful task at the best of times. However, there are a number of factors that one can explore to greatly increase the odds of a successful outcome. The following 7 tips cover the essential considerations that will make finding the perfect hotel room a breeze.


  1.       Budget

Often the cost of renting a hotel room is the main criteria that most people use to base their decision on. If ones budget is flexible it can be well worth paying slightly more for a better experience. Compare prices on various hotel search aggregators and shop around for coupons and special deals. At times it is possible to receive a discount simply by phoning the hotel and speaking directly with the staff as usually a percentage of each booking is paid to the website responsible for promotions and booking. Dodging the system by calling directly means those fees can be avoided and passed on to the customer as savings.

  1.       Technology

Does the hotel offer Wi-Fi as a standard inclusion or is it billed as an added extra? Is the signal strong enough to be functional in every room and does the hotel guaranteedecent speeds and unlimited access? For those taking a business trip, having high-speedinternet access could be of the utmost importance. If the stay involves a family or young children, is there cable TV or free movie rentalsincluded in the price or are these considered extras on top of the room fee? Your specific requirements will dictate what kind of technology provisions that you need.

  1.       Amenities

Does the hotel room come with other amenities and services that add value or appeal to the deal? These amenities may include access to a gym or pool, free car parking, an airport shuttle bus or pick up service and a concierge.

  1.       Location

The purpose of your hotel stay is a primary consideration when selecting a hotel as your requirements will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the trip. The hotel location must be convenient to get to and in a place that offers easy access to other attractions or facilities. If your hotel stay is strictly business orientated, a hotel on the edge of town may make it difficult to attend events or business activities. On the other hand, if the purpose of the journey is purely for relaxation then a more remote and quiet location, such as the one that’s offered with this Fallsview hotel, may be ideal.

  1.       Availability

It is important to be mindful of the season or other factors that may influence availability. Rooms can be in short supply during holiday seasons and local events such as conferences and festivals can also be a factor to consider. Such circumstances may limit availability or increase the price of a hotel room significantly.

  1.       Service

The quality of service and care that the hotel staff members provide can have a huge impact on ones experience of the accommodation. It is easy to feel relaxed and at home when staff are knowledgeable, professional and go out of their way to ensure their guests comfort. On the other hand, having to interact with staff that is rude, unhelpful or treat guests as an inconvenience can ruin a vacation.  This is definitely something that can be avoided by reading hotel reviews prior to booking. Sites such as TripAdvisor or Oyster.com can be invaluable to explore as honest reviews are left by thousands of people every day.

  1.       Recommendations

It helps to seek the feedback of past guests in the form of reviews or travelogues. There are many sites that have ranking systems that make it easier for one to choose the hotels that stand out from the pack and large numbers of guests commenting on the quality of their hotel experience. Reading these reviews can be an invaluableresource of information and taking the time to carefully make note of others experiences can definitely help avoid a disappointing incident.

Following these helpful tips will go a long way to ensuring an excellent hotel experience, wherever the location may happen to be.